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Welcome to the Catasetinae


Catasetinae is a subtribe within the Orchidaceae and contains 8 genera. Its members are widespread in lowland tropical Central and South America up to 1,500 meters. They are found on trees, stumps or old fence posts.

Catasetinae are exclusively pollinated by male euglossine bees (aka 'orchid bee'), which are attracted to the floral fragrances, and collect them. A particular Catasetinae species may attract only one or a few species of bees from the dozens that occur in the habitat.




The related genus Cyrtopodium is separated as subtribe Cyrtopodiinae.   ttps://www.revolvy.com/page/Catasetinae



The American Orchid Society recognizes the following inter-genetic hybrids:   (https://catasetinaecanada.weebly.com)



The  2021  Catasetinae Grow Blogs  featuring Catasetinaes from my collection. (Link)


Catasetum Mem. Dorothy Wells   in spike, bloom mid to late April

Catasetum Sweet Adaline 

(Catasetum De Etta Harris 'Green Goddess' x Catasetum Melana Davison 'Snow White')


Follow along and get some help and answers to common questions with your Catasetinaes as I "blog" (images and commentary updated monthly, more when in spike or buds popping) on the growth progress of select Catasetinaes (and more) in my collection as of February 2021. 




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