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    Welcome to the Internet Orchid Species Photo Encyclopedia

    17,867! species in 863 genera

    This Site Dedicated to Orchid Lovers Everywhere!


    This site is compiled from photos collected from growers or photo collectors around the world and I rely on them to try to be sure of their identification. As we all know, however, many plants are mislabeled and growers and collectors can't know all species in every genera, so please be advised that to the best of our knowledge the following ID's are correct.









    A Science wiki from Wikia

    We document plants from the Orchidaceae family,

    which has the largest amount of flowering plants


    The Orchids Wiki is a community that focuses on providing the best information on orchids and orchid culture.


    We are currently editing 4,179 articles!


    All pages can be edited and you are welcome to join us and contribute to this wiki. Everyone is free to create a new page or edit existing pages.








    This site is dedicated to the orchids that grow (mostly)

    outside in coastal southern California, USA

    It all started with a single Cymbidium, but one orchid followed another, and now my yard is "Orchid Central". I gain great pleasure in the constant discovery of more species, and their hybrids, that can grow outside in my wonderful temperate climate. Winter frost is rare, and at worst it lasts only a few hours. Summers are generally moderate, and high temperatures above 90 deg. F (32 deg. C) are also rare. Summer nights are cool (60-68 deg. F, 15-20 deg. C). I do have a small greenhouse that ranges from 60 deg. F to 85 deg. F (15 deg. C to 30 deg. C), but most of my collection lives outside throughout the year.


    On this site, I share photos of my plants, and a bit of what I have learned about how to grow them. See the GROWING AREAS page to visualize my outdoor growing environment, and a few ideas for indoor (non-greenhouse) growing.


    Meeting the temperature needs of (mostly) tropical orchids is the biggest challenge, but even equatorial orchids from altitudes above about 3600 ft (1200 m) can tolerate my cool winter nights. My adventure has been in learning how to determine the "overlap" between the conditions that they need and the conditions that I have. See the INDEX OF PLANTS for a listing of all of the plants on this site, as well as information about my growing conditions, and other notes (such as fragrance).








    A large and extensive collection of discussions regarding anything related to orchids.






    OrchidWire is designed, coded, and maintained by Wendell Kozak. He is in on Vancouver Island, off the west coast of Canada's mainland.  He started this project in 1996 as "Pollinia". Pollinia was a web directory, combined with a web crawler, that indexed only orchid-related sites. Both the crawling and serving was done over a dedicated 56K modem!  In 1999 HeI registered the orchidwire.com domain name. Since that time the site has undergone many changes.   The main focus now is on making OrchidWire the most comprehensive source for orchid site listings available! Listings are free.  The Napa Valley Orchid Society is included on this site.


    This site is visited by people from over 120 countries every month. I hope you enjoy your visit here, and discover many interesting sites about orchids. Please come back often!




    Editor's note:  I used this web source, focusing on "United States > California" and listed many of those web sites (links) on this web site.