We have been in the international hybrid business since 1973, specializing in the production of Cymbidium and Odontoglossum Alliance hybrids.
    Our customers are the leading orchid nurseries of the day, all of whom have been working with us for more than two decades.     
    Our evaluation programs are always conducted in the environment of ultimate usage.  The unique Salinas, California climate approximates more closely to European, Australian and upland Japanese orchid growing regions than anywhere else.  
    Our exclusive heat-tolerant Cymbidium lines are "road-tested" in Florida by an associate company so that customers can be assured of product performance under sub-tropical conditions.
    While we would not claim to have the best, we ask this: "Where might you find better?"



    Andy Easton (Orchids) is also well-known as New Horizon Orchids. Our business has operated in the U.S.A and New Zealand since 1973. We deal only with reputable companies that follow similar business practices to ours.
    Many of our parent plants are the third or fourth generation from our hybridizing program. We do not adopt a blinkered approach however and are quick to incorporate useful varieties from other sources in our breeding stock.
    We do not EVER offer "pirated" varieties and we NEVER change either grex or varietal names on any of our plants. This stands in stark contrast to many of our competitors, some of whom are dishonest additions to the orchid industry.
    Since 1978, our sole European customer has been b.v. Floricultura. This is the leading producer of young orchid plants in the world and enjoys an impeccable reputation for innovation and integrity. We recommend their Cymbidium and Odontoglossum Alliance product, many of which have originated from our hybridizing.
    In 1986, we established a business relationship with Mukoyama Orchids in Enzan, Japan. They are by far the most accomplished Cymbidium and Odontoglossum hybridizers in Asia. Although Japanese pot-plant Cymbidium are selected for the Oriental taste, many of these varieties have more recently found favor in wider markets.
    New Horizon continues to provide premium hobbyist Cymbidiums to Atlantis and Ezi-Gro Orchids in Australia and Caro-Lin Orchids in South Africa. Because of the serious decline in hobby Cymbidium culture in the U.S.A. we have withdrawn from this market.
    Our temperature-tolerant Cymbidiums are a new line which have been in development for over a decade. In partnership with Oglesby Plants of Altha, Florida, we have started to introduce new varieties which will fill a huge gap in the Cymbidium varietal selection. These plants will perform in lowland Japan, China, Central America and other sub-tropical regions.


    We produce all types of Cymbidiums:

    1. Large-flowered (Standard) cut flowers, early, mid-season and lates.
    2. Intermediate cut flowers, early,  mid-season and lates.
    3. Intermediate-small Standard pot plant types, early, mid-season and lates.
    4. Miniature pot plant types including ultra-minis, early, mid-season and lates
    5. Heat tolerant Intermediates, many with extended or twice-yearly flowering cycles.
    6. Hobbyist varieties for exhibition including pendulous, spotted and fragrant types.

       We produce a broad selection of Odontoglossum Alliance Intergenerics:

    1. Odontocidiums and Wilsonaras with compact inflorescences.
    2. Vuylstekearas from both Miltoniopsis and Miltonia ancestry.
    3. Miltoniopsis.
    4. New spray types with Oncidium and smaller-flowered species ancestry.

    All the above Intergenerics are produced for the pot plant trade.  


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