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    We are located a short distance north of San Francisco in the heart of Sonoma County - home of fine wines, dairy cows, redwoods and scenic coastlines.


    The orchid bug first stuck me in my early teens, when I discovered a commercial Phaleonopsis grower in the Phoenix area where I grew up. After moving to the San Francisco Bay area in 1976, I quickly became acquainted with Rod McClellan's orchids in South San Francisco and it wasn't long until my kitchen window was brimming with orchids.


    A move to Santa Rosa (Sonoma County) in 1989, afforded an opportunity to house my rapidly growing orchid collection in a backyard greenhouse. After the first greenhouse and then the second greenhouse became full, it was time to begin looking for new options. In 1999, we completed construction of a new greenhouse (and home) in Petaluma - the future site of Austin Creek Orchids.


    Austin Creek Orchids is a manifestation of my long-term passion for Orchidacea. I am always looking for new and interesting varieties to add to the Austin Creek collection. I am pleased to share them with you. The plants offered here reflect my varied and sometimes eclectic tastes. Hopefully, you will find things that appeal to you as well.


    Dale Martin - owner


    The actor Raymond Burr (of Perry Mason and Ironside fame) and his partner were avid orchid growers. Over their careers, they established Sea God Nursery and created more than 2,000 Cattleya hybrids. I have been collecting a select divisions from original Sea God Nursery collection since 1994 and now divisions of many of them available. Follow the link for a current listing:



    Thanks for stopping by my Virtual Greenhouse!

    First, about me. I'm the Webmaster and Newsletter Editor for the Sacramento Orchid Society and my greenhouse is located in Elk Grove, CA. My orchids and greenhouse help me relax and have become my oasis.

    My greenhouse is a 12' x 18' aluminum framed, kit greenhouse from Conley . During the summer I have to coat it with a thick coat of shading paint and 2 layers of 47% shadecloth to prevent the summer sun from frying my orchids. I have a Jaybird fogger, a misting system and evaporative cooler running all summer long to keep the temps. down. During the winter I remove the shadecloth and have a Southern Burner vented gas heater. All my climate control systems are wired through thermostats. I also have a reverse osmosis water system installed in there which is tied to my fogger. What we do for our orchids!






    Odom’s Orchids, Inc. is one of the largest retail growers and shippers of orchids in the United States. We have the largest selection of high quality orchid plants found anywhere.


    Odom's Orchids focus on Cattleyas, Phalaenopsis, Lady Slippers, Oncidium, Cymbidiums, Vandaceous and select others including "house specialties" 



    Orchid Wheel




    We have designed an ORCHID WHEEL that is made of a durable plastic. Important cultural information is printed on one side of the wheel about orchid genera, temperature, water, potting mixes and fertilizing requirements. The other side of the wheel has information on how to identify insects and diseases, along with suggestions on what chemicals to use. This is a fun and fast reference tool. Makes an excellent gift for your orchid friends! (Wheel diameter approximately. 10.5" – overall length approximately 13".)


     This item can be purchased from the above vendor



    Welcome to Orchids by Richard


    I am happy to share with you photos of Orchid Blooms from my Orchid Plants in my Orchid House at home. I have grown varieties of Orchids, from Dendrobiums, Oncidiums, Phlaenopsis, Cattleyas, Vandas to some Ground Orchids like Cymbidiums and Epidendrums.

    My first orchid plant was a miniature white Dendrubium. I was inspired to grow some more after I saw the first bloom of my very first orchid plant here in California, and I am quite successful in growing them, to pass some boring times. Each time it blooms, I take a picture for it will not be the same with the next one. Now I am sharing them with you.

    I hope you will enjoy the photographs and a few videos of my little Orchid Collection, and I thank you for visiting my blog.