Welcome to the home of Asuka Orchids.  Our specialties are coolgrowingorchids.  All of our orchids have been bred to be used to anoutdoorenvironment in sunny San Bruno, California.


    We have pictures of many of the orchids in our collection including Masdevallia, Dendrobium Kingianum, Cymbidiums,Pleurothallis,Spiranthes, Pterostylis,Stenoglottis and others.

    New! For Your Convenience . . .Supplies

    Orchid Supplies

    We are very happy to now be able to offer you an assortment oforchid growing supplies, including Chinese cymbidium plant pots.For additional information, please visit our supply page





    Don't let the German name be a deterrent, the web site is available in English. I even made sure you arrive at the English version. 

    More on-line store for purchasing orchids, but they do a great job describing what they sell, how best to grow it and excellent photography.  This is a great resource for researching how to grow orchids. 


    Editor's Note:

    I use there general orchid class information on this web site.