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On April 10th, the Napa Valley Orchid Society will host a "Potting Party".  The number one reason for orchids being unhappy is the potting medium has degraded to the point where the orchid is seriously unhappy and shows it with brown leaves that fall off easily, or never attempts to re-bloom.


This event is open to the public and starts at 7:00PM at the Napa Senior Center (same location as was the Show and Sale from this past March 14th and 15th).


All that is required is you bring one orchid for re-potting.  To cover the cost of potting material and a brand new pot, the society requests $5.00 for each orchid in a 1-gallon pot or smaller. Do not expect members of the society to do all the work for you.  This is an opportunity for you to re-pot one orchid, with help and then know enough to re-pot all your other orchids.  The society will provide all necessary supplies (new pot, pre-mixed orchid medium, bamboo stakes, plant tag etc) including cleaning supplies (paper towels and hand sanitizer).


If you "got orchids" - consider becoming a member of the Napa Valley Orchid Society for only $20.00 per year and celebrate orchids with other admirers all year long!  Information on the society can be found here. No experience necessary!


The small print section:

Before entering the room, orchids will be quickly scanned by knowledgeable growers looking for infected orchids and other undesirables (slugs, snails and mealy bugs).  Any such infected orchid might not be salvageable.

The society  would like to repot everybody's orchids, but limited time is a factor to be considered. Those wishing to have orchids repotted are limited to three 1-gallon pots, but keep in mind there is a $5 supply charge for each orchid.  Orchids brought in for repotting in a pot larger then 1-gallon might be ready for dividing (or discard of dead plant material), so instead of repotting the orchid, it will be broken or divided into 2 separate orchids in 2 1-gallon pots.  Each repotted orchid is a $5 supply charge.  All proceeds will cover the cost of supplies and the general operating fund of the society.  Information you learn, is free of charge.


Questions, comments, or something to say regarding the above information, just ask below in our comment feature.  No need to use real world information, just add a name, what you have to say, and a reply be returned as soon as possible.  You can also send mail to

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