Judging Results for 2016



Judging: Schedule of Classes



First Place

Tom P. Dendrobium striolatum





Second Place

Ed D.  Cymbidium Memoria Marvin Gaye





Third Place

Cheryl P. Potinara Ancepts Passion 'Hsinying'

 (Rechingerara Ancep Passion)











A.  Cattleya Alliance 

  1. Brassavola, Cattleya, Guarianthe, Laelia, Rhycholaelia and Sophronitis species.
  2. Hybrids - white or white with semi-alba lip of species in A1
  3. Hybrids – pink, lavender, purple, and blue
  4. Hybrids - green and yellow
  5. Hybrids - red, orange, salmon and brown Splash petal or peloric species or hybrid
  6. All other Cattleya Alliance species - Barkeria, Broughtonia, Epidendrum, Encyclia, Myrmecophila, etc.


B.  Standard Cymbidium - flowers with a natural spread of 3.5 inches or more

  1. Species
  2. Hybrids - white, blush, cream, pink, rose and "feathered"
  3. Hybrids - red, bronze and brown
  4. Hybrids - stripes, spots and peloric patterns


C. Intermediate Cymbidiums - flowers with a natural spread of less than 3.5 inches in the largest flower

  1. Flowers with a natural Spread of less than 3.5 inches in the largest flower
  2. Hybrids - white, blush, cream, pink, rose, and "feathered"
  3. Hybrids - stripes, spots and peloric patterns


D.  Dendrobium

  1. All other sections - Calista, Dendrocoryne, Nigrohirsutae, Oxyglossum, Spatulata, and Latouria, Austrailian.


E.  Oncidium/odontoglossum Alliance

  1. Oncidium species and hybrids
  2. All other genera (Ada, Cochlioda, Brassia, Galeandra, Gomesa, Miltonia, Miltoniopsis, Rodriguezia) species and hybrids


F.  Cypripedium Alliance

  1. Paphiopedilum, Parvisepalum group (Armeniacum, Delenatii, Emersonii, Malipoense, Micranthum) species and hybrids
  2. Phragmipedium, Cypripedium, Selenipedium and Mexipedium species
  3. Paph. hybrids - yellow, green, tan


G.  Phalaenopsis/Vanda Alliance

  1. Hybrids - pink, lavender purple and blue


H.  Miscellaneous Genera

  1. Masdevallia, Dracula, Porroglossum etc. species and hybrids
  2. Lycaste, Anguloa Maxillaria species and hybrids
  3. Zygopetalum group - species and hybrids (excluding H3)
  4. Coelogyne, Pleione - species and hybrids
  5. Species and hybrids not found elsewhere


I.  Orchids Grown for Foliage


J.  Ineligible Plants (Honorable Mention)