NVOS Member Information and Paperwork for Plant Sales

Society members can take advantage of an opportunity to make some room in their collections and sell plants. To qualify, members must be in "good standing" as in their membership obligations are current for the year (Membership dues are $20.00).
The society receives 20% of your sale price at meetings and 25% at the show. Following the instructions below will aid in accurate accounting. Every effort will be made to secure your plants until sold or returned but the seller assumes any risk to the plants while in the plant sale.


    • Obtain copies of the plant sales inventory list and plant labels master sheets from the website or at the meetings from the treasurer or librarian (links for paperwork are at the bottom of this page).  


    • Inventory list: - Devise a code for your plants. Most people use their initials. Use this code in front of the number of the plant as in TOF1, TOF2 etc.  List the name of the plant and then your price for it. When you finish, make one copy for the cashier and one for yourself.  


    • Labels: - Use the code, name and price from the inventory list to fill in the labels Part A and Part B. Crease along the line between A and B. Tape only Part A to the plant pot or mount. Taping along the crease will make it easier for the cashier to tear off Part B for record keeping.  


    • Give a copy of your inventory list to the cashier when you bring your labeled plants to the member sales area. The cashier will confirm membership status, and if required, you can bring your dues up to date ($20). When your plants sell they will be checked off the list and Part B will be kept by the cashier.


    • If you wish to change your prices (near end of show mark down, for instance) see the cashier to change the price on the inventory list as well as the plant label.  


    • At the end of the meeting or the show, retrieve the inventory list from the cashier and circle any unsold plants you are taking home. Give revised list to cashier.  


    • You will receive your proceeds, less society contribution of sale per item at the end of the meeting, by mail or at the next meeting. Thank you for participating in member plant sales and supporting your society.  


These forms can be used for selling plants throughout the year as well as at the Orchid Show and Sale in March.


Clicking on the images below will open a new window displaying the full sized form.  You can choose to save or print the form from that new window.  You may need to set your printer option to "fit to page" to ensure a full-sized printout.  On the right is a link that will trigger your .PDF Reader where you can print the paperwork.



























There will be a short presentation at the February meeting (12 February at 7:00PM).  This presentation will include time for questions and answers on this process.


If you cannot attend the meeting, questions can be e-mailed to .  Questions submitted prior to February 10th, will be passed to the Society to be included in the presentation.  After February 10th, all questions will be answered by return e-mail or in the comment section below.


Feel free to use the comment section below to ask any questions. They will be answered as submitted comments will be automatically sent to the web master for action.  There is no need to include a web site, and you can use any "name" you desire.

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