General Information


The Napa Valley Orchid Society (NVOS) is proud to announce it's 24th Annual Orchid Show and Sale on March 11th and 12th,  2017.


Free parking and Free Admission!


Visitors will be amazed with the bountiful display of various orchids from around the world, grown locally by members of the NVOS.  If anything, it will prove and hopefully inspire others that they can do the same.  The orchids in this display were ribbon judged to determine  "The Best in Show".


Along with over 75 orchids in bloom, a complete display area featuring numerous orchid-specific Bay Area vendors can be shopped.  Forget those normal orchids found at some retail outlets, shop for something unusual to amaze your family and friends.  The same vendors will also be available to answer all your questions about growing orchids and getting them to re-bloom.


Already have one or more orchids at home?  Throughout the weekend, members of the NVOS will provide demonstrations and discussions on just how easy it is to enjoy orchids all year as well as when they are in bloom.  Specific supplies for taking care of orchids will also be available that you cannot find in local nurseries and garden center outlets. 


You may be interested in the annual NVOS Potting Party to be held on April 14th.  The NVOS will also host an orchid auction in May of this year and this is open to the public.  All proceeds of the auction benefit the general operating fund of the NVOS as it strives to reach it's goal of educating the community on the cultivation and conservation of orchids.


Interested in orchids?  Becoming a member of the NVOS is very simple.  For just $20.00 you can enjoy the full benefits of being a member of the Napa Valley Orchid Society.


The NVOS meets on the 2nd Friday of each month at 7:00pm, at the Napa Senior Center located at 1500 Jefferson Street in Napa.  The typical meeting features a guest speaker presenting a topic related to orchids ranging from "Taking Care of Roots" to "Dendrobiums of Australia".  Novices, newbies, recent orchid-addicts are more than welcome to attend any meeting and perhaps become a member.


For more information, contact the Napa Valley Orchid Society at



Ribbon Judging


Your plants are needed to enable the society to present the maximum floriferous display for the public’s viewing. Members are urged to enter all their blooming plants in the exhibit regardless whether the plants are eligible or not for ribbons—as determined by the following rules:





Member's Plant Sale Information


Society members can take advantage of an opportunity to make some room in their collections and sell plants. To qualify, members must be in "good standing" as in their membership obligations are current for the year (Membership dues are $20.00).
The society receives 20% of your sale price at meetings and 25% at the show. Following the instructions below will aid in accurate accounting. Every effort will be made to secure your plants until sold or returned but the seller assumes any risk to the plants while in the plant sale.