2015 Cattleya Alliance

2015 Cattleya Alliance



Lc. Caligula 'Hadrian' HCC/AOS

Cheryl P.


Culture Sheet

Cheryl's  Lc. Caligula 'Hadrian' HCC/AOS  earned Best in Show at the 2015 Napa Valley Orchid Society Show




A1 - Brassavola, Cattleya, Guarianthe, Laelia, Rhycholaelia and Sophronitis species.


C. intermedia orlata  First Place Sung L.


Culture Sheet

L. anceps  Second Place Tom P.


Culture Sheet









A2 - Hybrids - white or white with semi-alba lip of species in A1


Lc. Mildred Rives 'Orchidglade' First Place Cheryl P.


Culture Sheet


A3 - Hybrids – pink, lavender, purple, and blue


Lc. Caligula 'Hadrian'


First Place Cheryl P.  

Culture Sheet


Nittany Frost x. Veithianna


Second Place


Tom P.



Purporata x. Angel Walker


Third Place


Tom P.


CathiloveKnotv. Cockulea
  Karen O.  


A4 - Hybrids - green and yellow



Lc. Final Touch Lemon Chiffon First Place Cheryl P.


Culture Sheet


A5 - Hybrids - red, orange, salmon and brown Splash petal or peloric species or hybrid



C. Tutuakamen First Place Tom P.


Culture Sheet




A6 - All other Cattleya Alliance species - Barkeria, Broughtonia, Epidendrum, Encyclia, Myrmecophila, etc.

A7 - Hybrids - using genera from A1 with A6 or A7 such as Cattleytonia, Epicat, Dialaelia, etc.



Epi. Moon Valley 'Sunkist'  First Place Karen O.

A8 - First bloom seedling

Bc. Theresa Ricci
First Place Paul J.  
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