• Native Colorado Orchids in Bloom

    AboutOrchids Aug 18, 2019 | 04:15 am

    Orchids are not just denizens of the tropics; they live almost everywhere in the world. Even the high elevations of Colorado’s Four Corners region host many native species. Two of them are shown here: the Fairy Slipper, or Calypso bulbosa, and the Bog Orchid, or Platanthera. My mother-in-law took these photos in early July while […]

  • 60 Year Old Orchid’s One Week To Shine

    AboutOrchids Aug 11, 2019 | 02:25 am

    Head to the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney this week to see a native Australian orchid in its full splendor. Dendrobium teretifolium is sometimes called the Rat’s Tail Orchid because of its long, skinny leaves. However, when it bursts into bloom, it earns another nickname, the Bridal Veil Orchid, with cascades of creamy white flowers. The […]

  • Orchids in the Park 2019

    AboutOrchids Aug 7, 2019 | 03:08 am

    Orchids in the Park is San Francisco’s summer orchid show, and it’s always full of delights. At last month’s event, I heard many visitors gasping in wonder as they walked though the front door. Everyone from novices to experts could find something to marvel at. The weird and wonderful flowers in this post were only […]

  • August Orchid Events

    AboutOrchids Aug 1, 2019 | 04:51 am

    This monthly show listing always demonstrates that there are orchid lovers around the globe, but surely, Australia must have more orchid lovers per capita than any nation. At this time of year, their show schedule surpasses any other place I can find online. There are over 30 shows this month in a country that has […]

  • 10 Rarest Orchids in the World

    AboutOrchids Jul 26, 2019 | 18:41 pm

    Meet the 10 rarest orchids in the world. Many are Lady Slippers, but there are also others, like the strange Australian Western Underground Orchid. Habitat destruction and over-harvesting of wild plants have been big problems, and now climate change is a growing threat. Since there are almost 30,000 orchid species, and many are highly endangered, […]

  • Chasing Ghost Orchids

    AboutOrchids Jul 21, 2019 | 20:50 pm

    National Geographic reports on important discoveries about Florida’s famous Ghost Orchids. Scientists and photographers have found that they aren’t just pollinated by one species of moth, but by several different species. That’s good for the strange and fascinating leafless orchids, which are very endangered. After spending thousands of hours taking photos at the Corkscrew Swamp […]

  • Don’t Miss the Orchids in Golden Gate Park Next Weekend

    AboutOrchids Jul 17, 2019 | 03:32 am

    Mark your calendars for Orchids in the Park next weekend! These photos from last year’s event are just a small taste of what to expect. In addition to the show, there will be vendors from around the world, orchid care classes, and a class on botanical illustration. Orchids in the Park takes place July 20th […]

  • Scientific Conference on Andean Orchids Coming in August

    AboutOrchids Jul 12, 2019 | 03:38 am

    The Sixth Scientific Conference on Andean Orchids takes place next month from August 6th – 8th. Experts from around the world will gather in Medellín, Colombia, to discuss the latest advances in orchid science. The conference will offer simultaneous translations between English and Spanish. This event is in conjunction with the Orchids, Flowers and Crafts […]

  • Orchid Post Mortem: Queen Victoria’s Dendrobium

    AboutOrchids Jul 7, 2019 | 04:40 am

    Sadly, I lost this beautiful Dendrobium victoriae-reginae, or Queen Victoria’s Dendrobium, in a heat wave. I blogged about this plant a few years ago. Living outdoors, it’s been a tough orchid and a reliable bloomer, surviving numerous travails to flower again. But during a heat wave that went up to 95°F (35°C) over several days, […]

  • July Orchid Events

    AboutOrchids Jul 1, 2019 | 20:48 pm

    The orchid show schedule slows down in the Northern Hemisphere’s summer heat, but it picks up in Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, and South Africa. Golden Gate Park hosts San Francisco’s annual summer show, Orchids in the Park. Don’t miss these great events! July 3 – 6 Fairfield District Orchid Society Show, Fairfield Forum Shopping Centre, […]