• New Orchids Discovered in Madagascar

    AboutOrchids Oct 16, 2017 | 15:11 pm

    Madagascar is the home of so many fascinating plants and animals, and scientists have discovered even more orchids. Ten new Cynorkis species have been found in a remote area of northern Madagascar, including one with a champagne fragrance. Check out the story and great photos at The English Garden.

  • The Dracula Ball

    AboutOrchids Oct 10, 2017 | 01:23 am

    Want to go to a fantastic party and help orchids at the same time? Enjoy the Dracula Ball: Gala under Glass on October 19th at the Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park. This fundraiser celebrates Draculas — not the Transylvanian kind, but the Latin American orchids with the same name. Tickets start at $75 […]

  • Our Garden Blooms

    AboutOrchids Oct 6, 2017 | 17:39 pm

    With warm days lately, we’re enjoying lots of flowers. Orchids and other greenery keep our front and back yards full of color and buzzing with local wildlife. Cymbidiums, Epidendrums, and Masdevallias are such reliable bloomers here that they rarely take a break. Poppies, nasturtiums, and bromeliads add to the show. Even though we don’t have […]

  • October Orchid Shows

    AboutOrchids Oct 1, 2017 | 13:00 pm

    From Honolulu to Helsinki, from Louisville to Lima, orchid lovers gather to discuss, photograph, judge, and buy orchids. Don’t miss these great events around the globe. October 1 Waikato Orchid Society Spring Show, Hamilton Gardens, Cobham Dr., Hamilton, New Zealand October 1 Hastings River Orchid Society Show, Wauchope RSL Club, Wauchope, NSW, Australia October 1 […]

  • Water Orchids More During A Heatwave

    AboutOrchids Sep 27, 2017 | 13:50 pm

    Some readers may wonder why I’m posting a reminder about heatwaves at the start of autumn, but SF Bay Area locals understand. For us, the warmest months of the year are September and October. True to form, our cool, foggy weather gave way to warmer temps on schedule this year, and we’ve had a few […]

  • Orchids on the Equinox

    AboutOrchids Sep 22, 2017 | 14:30 pm

    Delight in these orchids to mark today’s equinox. They’re all from this past July’s Orchids in the Park. With an incredible range of colors, shapes, and scents, they seem as distantly related as an oak tree is from an oyster.  But superficial appearances are so often misleading. These orchids share a basic design which runs […]

  • Orchid Gives up the Secrets of Its Success

    AboutOrchids Sep 19, 2017 | 14:55 pm

    Chinese scientists have studied an orchid’s genetics to learn the secrets of its success. They’ve sequenced the genes of the species Apostasia shenzhenica, which is an early offshoot of the orchid family tree. Their study shows that important orchid traits, like massed pollen, tiny seeds, and the ability to live as air plants, emerged at […]

  • Ecuador Hosting the 22nd World Orchid Conference

    AboutOrchids Sep 17, 2017 | 04:44 am

    Every three years, orchid lovers from around the world gather for an event nicknamed the Orchid Olympics. Officially known as the 22nd World Orchid Conference, this year’s event is happening in Guayaquil, Ecuador from November 8th – 12th. The conference includes science, horticulture, and conservation sessions, as well as an enormous orchid show with vendors […]

  • Orchids in the Conservatory of Flowers

    AboutOrchids Sep 10, 2017 | 17:30 pm

    These photos highlight just a few of the orchids on display at San Francisco’s Conservatory of Flowers. Their extraordinary collection spans the vast range of the orchid world. Big and small, hybrid and species, common and rare — they’re all well represented. One of the benefits of air plants like these is that they live […]

  • Orchids: Masters of Deception

    AboutOrchids Sep 5, 2017 | 03:08 am

    Enjoy this adorable animation explaining how deceptive orchids can be. Some orchids trick pollinators, steal from fungi, or take advantage of trees to grow above the forest floor. And they’ve convinced lots of humans to do their bidding, too. The video below comes courtesy of the University of Western Australia and Curtin University.