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  • Anthurium nos. 1364, 1734, 1666, 1362, and 1356

    Plants are the Strangest People Aug 19, 2018 | 10:00 am

    Pretty middle-of-the-road batch today, though there's one I like, and another that's at least mildly interesting.Anthurium no. 1364 "Foxxie Lane"Foxxie is an okay pink / pink. Not a lot to say about the inflorescences.I'm a bit more interested in Foxxie's foliage, actually: the leaves are a bit on the long and narrow side,and are pretty large for the overall size of the plant, which

  • Schlumbergera seedlings 373 and 418

    Plants are the Strangest People Aug 18, 2018 | 14:28 pm

    I'd forgive you for not being impressed yourself, but I am occasionally impressed with how many different ways I've managed to come up with to say "ugh, another orange Schlumbergera."I bring this up, of course, because both of our seedlings today are orange Schlumbergeras. Not necessarily in a bad way, mind you. They're pretty. They're fine. But how can there be SO MANY OF THEM?Anyway. So

  • Schlumbergera seedling no. 392

    Plants are the Strangest People Aug 17, 2018 | 10:00 am

    Seedling 392:I know, right? I think this is one of only two seedlings from 2017-18 that gave me a color combination I hadn't seen before. (The other is the similar-but-different 377A. 377A technically bloomed first, but I'm having a tougher time coming up with names for it, so 392A gets to go first.)I haven't discovered anything brand-new to the whole world here; there is already at least

  • Anthurium no. 1323 "Kayla Stratus"

    Plants are the Strangest People Aug 15, 2018 | 10:00 am

    Lately, an unexpectedly large number of the interesting Anthurium seedlings have come from the cultivar 'Joli,' which I bought in 2014 (as discussed here). This isn't surprising: 'Joli' has unusually complicated inflorescences (new spathes are sort of a pinkish lavender, aging to an orange-red; they also sometimes have green "ears," and frequently the spathes are saddle-shaped, which I hate1), so

  • Anthurium nos. 0986, 1317, 1122, 1037, and 1462

    Plants are the Strangest People Aug 13, 2018 | 10:00 am

    This batch gets better as it progresses. Just so you know.Anthurium no. 0986 "Marie Noelle Ankwanza"I somehow failed to get a photo of the foliage for Marie, but it doesn't really matter: I'm pretty sure the foliage wasn't anything remarkable. Neither was the bloom, as far as that goes. I mean, it's nice, I guess, but it isn't anything new.Marie's seed parent was 0126 Erin Dirtylondry (

  • Anthurium nos. 1722, 1685, 1629, 1314, and 1673

    Plants are the Strangest People Aug 12, 2018 | 15:22 pm

    Kind of a depressing batch today.Anthurium no. 1722 "Bourgeoisie"Bourgeoisie doesn't look depressing. The bloom was actually quite nice. Large, more or less free of thrips damage, and a color combination that's a little unusual, at least (especially considering the red/purple seed parent, 0108 Deena Sequins):Leaves weren't anything to write home about, but they were fine. Not overly

  • Anthurium no. 1227 "Angelboi"

    Plants are the Strangest People Aug 9, 2018 | 10:00 am

    At first, Angelboi doesn't seem like anything terribly special. The spathes are fairly large, I suppose, but it's otherwise just another red/yellow in a very, very long line of red/yellows. How excited can a person get about something like that?But as the inflorescence ages, he starts looking more special. More textured.And by the time the true flowers on the spadix have come and gone, the

  • Anthurium no. 1679 "Madison Adjective"

    Plants are the Strangest People Aug 4, 2018 | 10:00 am

    I've recently been reminded that "Madison," as a girl's name, was more or less invented by the 1984 film Splash. (Daryl Hannah's character chooses the name by looking at a street sign -- Madison Avenue. At the time, nobody named their girls Madison, which the film lampshades ("Madison? That's not a name!"), but by 2001 everybody named their girls Madison so that joke didn't really work anymore.1

  • Anthurium nos. 1336, 1714, 0963, 1219, and 1508

    Plants are the Strangest People Aug 1, 2018 | 10:00 am

    The main hangup for posting has been that I didn't have photos ready for the various seedlings that needed posts; I caught up on that a few days ago. (Getting names chosen for the Schlumbergera seedlings is also an obstacle, but at least I can do Anthuriums.)So I now have 62 unblogged Anthurium seedlings, and 48 Schlumbergera seedlings. If I were to do one post per day, with one seedling per

  • Schlumbergera seedlings: assorted

    Plants are the Strangest People Jul 19, 2018 | 10:00 am

    Two reasons for the recent long gap in posts: one, I got hung up on a name for seedling 226A (didn't like any of the four names that I'd come up with, couldn't find any names I liked better), and two, Japanese beetle season is upon us once again and it's way, way worse than previous years. Like, if someone told me that a count had confirmed that there were a hundred thousand individual beetles in