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  • Anthurium no. 1589 "Anita Waistline"

    Plants are the Strangest People Dec 12, 2017 | 11:00 am

    Hello again.So I've gotten to the point where the camera and I are sort of getting along (except for the speck of something that's gotten into the lens, which I haven't done anything about yet because I don't want to send the camera away while there are Schlumbergera seedlings blooming for the first time, lest I miss the chance to document the flowers entirely). The adjustment process has been

  • Anthurium no. 1592 "Maliena B Itchcock"

    Plants are the Strangest People Nov 27, 2017 | 11:00 am

    Not quite sure what the correct form of the name is here. The "Maliena" part is consistent in internet searches, but the rest of it appears variously as:Bitchcock,B Itchcock,B. Itchcock,B ItchCock,B-itchcock, andb itchcock.And I could be leaving out a few variations.The no-period, separate initial, non-CamelCase, capitalized surname version seems to be what Maliena uses on her Facebook

  • Random plant event: Cyperus alternifolius

    Plants are the Strangest People Nov 14, 2017 | 11:00 am

    This is sort of two random plant events in one, actually. The first is that the Cyperus alternifolius plants in our east window started to bloom about a year ago.I mean, that photo is from January, but I assume it had been going on for a while before I got around to taking the picture. In any case, I was surprised that the plants would do this indoors, and even though the flowers aren't

  • More of the Same

    Plants are the Strangest People Nov 6, 2017 | 11:00 am

    A nice photo of Schlumbergera 070A Delia Webster. 070A appears to be campaigning pretty hard to win the Schlummy for Most Improved Returning Seedling, 2016-17 Season: it started blooming early (23 October), it's been blooming heavily and continuously since then, and the flower color seems a bit more intense this year besides.The Canon is now officially mine, paid for and everything, and we are .

  • Progress!

    Plants are the Strangest People Nov 5, 2017 | 16:03 pm

    I am still here. I also keep having unusual, somewhat urgent things happen that are of higher priority than the blog.Three camera-related developments:1) The Amazon third-party seller has removed the camera I tried to buy from their list of products, demonstrating, I guess, that they can be communicated with. Not by me, apparently, but by somebody. Amazon continues to tell me that the order

  • Still ugh.

    Plants are the Strangest People Oct 22, 2017 | 16:07 pm

    Looks like we're headed for either Plan B or plan G, as the person who offered to send an unused but functional camera (Plan D) has not responded to e-mail asking if the offer was still open. As it was a generous offer when first made, and I felt a little uncomfortable about considering it then, I feel like it would be bad of me to pester them with more inquiries, so I'm just going to let that

  • Ugh.

    Plants are the Strangest People Oct 13, 2017 | 10:00 am

    Still no acceptable camera replacement. It turns out that if an Amazon third-party seller doesn't feel like responding to any of your messages, and doesn't provide Amazon with tracking information for their package, there's not really any way to find out if they actually have the product they're offering, or whether it's been shipped, or whether it might be shipped in the future. And you can't

  • Anthurium nos. 1752 "Reyna Terra Esova" and 0642 "Bianca Donk"

    Plants are the Strangest People Oct 9, 2017 | 10:00 am

    So this camera-replacement thing is going on way too long, and I'm very frustrated about it. You'd think it would be as simple as going to Amazon and finding a third-party seller who had the camera,1 finding somebody with the best balance between camera condition, buyer ratings, and price, and then ordering it. But no. After a week, I have no camera, no evidence that the seller has actually

  • Anthurium nos. 1344 "Boeff Stroganoff" and 1437 "Darah Landon"

    Plants are the Strangest People Oct 3, 2017 | 10:00 am

    The ongoing camera crisis appears to be near resolution, though in a sort of weird way: I've elected to order a replacement for the old Olympus and return the new Canon. This feels weird, because the Canon is a superior camera in basically every way, but it turns out not to be superior in the way that actually matters: the ability to get close-up images of Anthurium and Schlumbergera flowers with

  • Anthurium nos. 0645 "Mabel Syrup" and 1721 "Leonid the Magnificent"

    Plants are the Strangest People Sep 29, 2017 | 10:00 am

    So the new camera isn't exactly working out badly, but I'm still having a really difficult time with the color balance. Like the previous camera, there are preset options for "cloudy," "incandescent," "fluorescent," etc., in addition to an "automatic" color option; unlike the previous camera, none of the new camera's options are good at accurate color reproduction. In fact, "auto" is surprisingly