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Cattlianthe Fran's Doll Featured

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(Cattleya Yellow Doll x Cattlianthe Kauai Starbright)

moderate to bright light
allow to dry between watering
50% is optimum
warm temperature tolerant
blooms in February



Treat as you would a Cattleya.



The International Orchid Register

Cattlianthe Fran's Doll

Fran's Doll
Synonym Flag
This is not a synonym
Synonym Genus Name
Registrant Name
F. Aisaka
Originator Name
Date of registration
Seed parent
Cattleya Yellow Doll
Pollen parent
Cattlianthe Kauai Starbright

SOURCE: The International Orchid Register



Family Tree

Ancestral Species Percentages

  • C. luteola 25%
  • C. coccinea 15.63%
  • C. cinnabarina 15.63%
  • C. crispata 12.50%
  • Gur. aurantiaca 12.50%
  • C. forbesii 12.50%
  • C. loddigesii 3.13%
  • C. rex 1.56%
  • C. dowiana 1.56%


Family Tree

((C. luteola x (C. cinnabarina x C. coccinea)) x ((C. forbesii x C. crispata) x (((C. loddigesii x (C. dowiana x C. rex)) x (C. cinnabarina x C. coccinea)) x Gur. aurantiaca)))



Cattleya Yellow Doll (above)

crossed with

Cattlianthe Kauai Starbright (center)

Cattlianthe Fran's Doll


SOURCE: Blue Nanta










et cetera


This is a rescue orchid that spent a lengthy period of time fallen on its side in a collection.  This caused the orchid to grow horizontal and twisted and not vertical.


Future new growth, with proper staking, will eventually return the orchid to a vertical appearance.



Surprisingly, even in the current twisted state, it is in bud.  Visible in both images is the spike being exposed after carefully slicing the sheath that was in danger of being twisted itself.  There are approximately 6 buds in a cluster stretching from the leafs of the reed-like psuedobulb. Hopefully this spike can be trained to grow above the twisted plant and fully spread as a collection of a half-dozen yellow flowers each measuring 3 - 4 inches across.

Looking forward to watching this orchid develop.


format completed
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