Acacallis          a-ka-KALL-iss
Acampe             a-Kam-pe
Acineta            a-sin-EE-ta
Ada                AY-da
Aerangis           ay-er-RANG-giss
Aeranthes          ay-er-AN-theez
Aerides            AIR-i-deez
Aganisia           ag-an-IZ-ee-a
Angraecum          an-GRYE-kum
Anguloa            an-gyew-LOH-a
Ansellia           an-SELL-ee-a
Arethusa           a-reh-THEW-za
Arpophyllum        ar-poh-FILL-um
Arundina           a-run-DEE-na
Ascocentrum        ass-koh-SEN-trum
Aspasia            a-SPAY-zi-a
Batemannia         bayt-MAN-nee-a
Bifrenaria         bye-fren-AIR-i-a
Bletia             BLEE-shia
Bletilla           ble-TILL-a
Brassavola         bra-SAH-vo-la
Brassia            BRASS-ee-ah
Broughtonia        brow-TOH-nee-a
Bulbophyllum       bulb-oh-FILL-um
Caladenia          kal-a-DEE-nee-a
Calanthe           kal-AN-thee
Caleana            kal-ee-AN-a
Calopogon          kal-o-POH-gon
Calypso            ka-LIP-so
Catasetum          kat-a-SEE-tum
Cattleya           KAT-lee-a
Cattleyopsis       kat-lee-op-sis
Caularthron        kawl-ar-thron
Chondrorhyncha     kon-droh-RINK-a
Chysis             KYE-siss
Cochleanthes       kok-lee-AN-theez
Cochlioda          kok-lee-OH-da
Coelia             SEE-li-a
Coelogyne          see-LOJ-in-ee
Colax              KOH-laks
Comparettia        kom-pa-RET-ee-a
Corallorrhiza      kor-al-lo-RYE-za
Coryanthes         ko-ree-AN-theez
Cycnoches          SIK-no-keez
Cymbidium          sim-BID-ee-em
Cypripedium        sip-ree-PEE-dee-um
Cyrtorchis         SIR-tor-kiss
Dendrobium         den-DROH-bee-um
Dendrochilum       den-droh-KYE-lum
Dichaea            dye-KEE-a
Dilochia           dye-LOH-kee-a
Dipodium           dye-POH-dee-um
Disa               DYE-sa
Diuris             Dye-YEWR-is
Domingoa           do-ming-GOH-a
Doritis            doh-RYE-tis
Dossinia           doss-IN-ee-a
Drakaea            DRAY-kee-a
Earina             EER-ee-na
Encyclia           en-SEE-clee-ah
Epidendrum         eh-pi-DEN-drum
Eria               EAR-ee-a
Eriopsis           ear-ee-OP-siss
Erythrodes         err-i-THROH-deez
Euanthe            yew-AN-thee
Eulophia           yew-LOH-fee-a
Eulophidium        yew-loh-FID-ee-um
Eulophiella        yew-loh-fee-EL-a
Gastrochilus       gas-tro-KYE-lus
Grammatophyllum    gram-mat-o-FILL-um
Habenaria          hab-en-AY-ri-a
Hexisea            heks-ISS-ea-a
Homalopetalum      ho-mal-oh-PET-al-um
Houlletia          hoo-LET-ee-a
Huntleya           HUNT-lee-a
lonopsis           eye-o-NOP-siss
lpsea              IP-see-a
Isabelia           iz-a-BELL-ee-a
Isochilus          eye-so-KYE-lus
Isotria            eye-SOH-tree-a
Jaquiniella        jack-i-nee-ELL-a
Jumellea           joo-MELL-ee-a
Laelia             LAY-lee-ah or LIE-lee-a
Laeliopsis         LAY-li-OP-sis
Lankesterella      LANK-es-ter-ELL-a
Leochilus          lee-o-KYE-luss
Lepanthes          lee-PAN-theez
Lepanthopsis       lee-pan-THOP-siss
Leptotes           lep-TOH-teez
Liparis            LIP-a-riss
Listera            LISS-ter-a
Lockhartia         lok-HART-ee-a
Lycaste            lye-KASS-tee
Masdevallia        mas-de-VAL-lee-a
Miltonia           mil-TOH-nee-a
Nageliella         NAY-gel-i-ELL-a
Neofinetia         nee-o-fin-AY-tee-a
Neottia            nee-OTT-ee-a
Notylia            no-TILL-ee-a
Oberonia           o-ber-ROH-nee-a
Odontoglossum      o-don-toh-GLOSS-um
Oncidium           on-SID-ee-um
Paphiopedilum      paff-ee-oh-PEE-di-lum
Phalaenopsis       fal-en-OP-sis
Pleione            plye-OH-nee
Rhynchostylis      rink-oh-STYE-liss
Sophronitis        sof-roh-NYE-tiss
Spathoglottis      spath-oh-GLOT-tiss
Vanda              VAN-da
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