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Catasetum Susan Fuchs



Catasetum Susan Fuchs

R.F.Orchids 1982 - registered (RHS)

Catasetum expansum × Catasetum Orchidglade


Catasetum Susan Fuchs 'Sunrise' JC AOS Photo courtesy of Fred Clarke, Sunset Valley Orchids


Catasetum Susan Fuchs 'Burgundy Chips’

male flower

female flower


Flower Color The flowers are greenish yellow with reddish maroon spots.
Flowers per spike From 4 to 5.
Flower size From 7 to 10 cm across.
Preferred conditions It requires a warm environment with bright light and good ventilation. It needs to be frequently watered during the growth period with a good reduction when the leaves drop. Watering is a delicate point in the culture of Catasetum in general. It can be cultivated in suspend pots or pieces of wood. When the fines roots are growing upright, it is a signal of good cultural conditions.
Season of bloom Later winter and early spring.
Origin This an artificial hybrid formed by Catasetum expansum (75%) which is endemic to Ecuador and Catasetum pileatum (25%) from Venezuela, Trinidad-Tobago, Ecuador, Colombia and Brazil (states of Pará and Amazonas).
Comments Catasetum produces inflorescence bearing either male or female flowers or both at the same time or subsequently. Its flowers are not long-lasting.












Ctsm. Susan Fuchs 'Bugundy Chips' FCC AOS 




Catasetum Susan Fuchs 'Sunrise' JC/AOS BS div  





Catasetum expansum  ×  Catasetum Orchidglade









Awarded Exhibits:


1983 Catasetum Susan Fuchs 'Orchidglade' AM / AOS, Jones & Scully, Miami, Florida. 82 points'  
1985 Catasetum Susan Fuchs 'Paragon' AM / AOS, John German, Miami, Florida, 84 points  

Catasetum Susan Fuchs 'Freckles and Cream' HCC / AOS, Fred Paget, Mill Valley, California, 76 points

1993 Catasetum Susan Fuchs 'Robon' HCC / AOC, Bassan R. & C., Australia, 79.7 points  
  Catasetum Susan Fuchs 'Large Spots'  HCC / AOC, Rawlings M. & S., Australia, 79.8 points  
1994 Catasetum Susan Fuchs 'Burgundy Chips' FCC / AOS, Charles Alford. Winter Garden, Florida, 90 points  
1995 Catasetum Susan Fuchs 'Tropic 1' AM / AOS, Tropic 1 Orchids, Haines City, FL, 84 points  
1999 Catasetum Susan Fuchs 'Burgandy Chips' HCC / AOS, Stafford N., Australia, 75.9 points  
2003 Catasetum Susan Fuchs 'Sunrise' JC / AOC, Ed Merkle, Nashville, Tennessee  
2004 Catasetum Susan Fuchs 'Yellow Bird' BM / TOGA, Jumbo Orchids, 78 points  
2005 Catasetum Susan Fuchs 'Remar'  AM / AOS, Renee and MarvinGerber, Houston, Texas, 81 points  
2006 Catasetum Susan Fuchs 'CJ' AM / AOC, Hobden T. & D., Australia, 81.3 points  









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Orchid Hybrid: Catasetum Susan Fuchs
Catasetum Susan Fuchs is an orchid hybrid originated by R.F.Orchids in 1982. It is a cross of Ctsm. expansum x Ctsm. Orchidglade. https://orchids.org/grexes/catasetum-susan-fuchs 

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