Unregistered Hybrid

(Catasetum Portagee Star 'Brian Lawson's Sunrise' HCC/AOS x Catasetum lucis 'Dana's Bird of Paradise' AM/AOS)


Flower quality in Portagee Star is surprisingly nice, with just three species in its background: pileatum, expansum and tenebrosum.  The shape is full, the lip is flat and the color is an attractive yellow with a bit of red.  What makes Catasetum lucis remarkable is its upright 4' long inflorescence that carries many long-lived green flowers with white lips.  Earlier crosses in this style of breeding have been excellent.  We are expecting flower color to range between yellow with a red blush to pure white.  These will have high flower count, strong stems and flower longevity of 3-4 weeks, a nice trait passed on by lucis to its offspring. These will surprise you with their flower quality! (Description and photos courtesy of Fred Clarke, Sunset Valley Orchids)


Photo right: Catasetum Portagee Star 'Brian Lawson's Sunrise' HCC/AOS

Photo Left: Catasetum lucis 'Dana's Bird of Paradisel'  AM/AOS


This is an as of yet registered hybrid. SVO item 7315




( Catasetum Portagee Star 'Brian Lawson's Sunrise' HCC/AOS   x  Catasetum lucis 'Dana's Bird of Paradise' AM/AOS )




My first year growing this did not result in any blooms, but there is always next time.  See the 2019 Grow Blog


The current growing season can be found at 2020 Grow Blog



I did an internet search for this orchid on 24 February 2020 and their is not much out there.  Below is all I have found so far....


January 2019

St. Augustine (Florida) Orchid Society with Sunset Valley Orchids hosted a "Catasetum Challenge" inolving 20 of these orchids being grown by members.  No further information on the results of this challenge have been found as of yet.


The image left is from a seller on E-Bay.  What makes this image valuable is that if this really is the un-named Catasetum, it does a very good job depicting how big this particular Catasetum hybrid can grow.  Keep this in mind as it is a space hog in your growing area.


I measured from base to tip of my Catasetum's 2019 bulb on 24 February 2020 and it is approximately 9-inches tall with a circumference of just under 4-inches.  The circumference is perhaps smaller than many Catasetinae bulbs, but the hiegth passes them all.  At the peak of last year's grow season this had a span of close to 3-feet from leaf ip to leaf tip.  Can you say huge?


The spike should appear from near the base and require a 3-foot stake for support as the spike can grow a foot above the foliage before blooming.  I am not sure if the blooms are upside down meaning I should allow the top of the spike to bend and drape down resulting in the blooms being displayed properly.


This year (2020) I will most likely use a 2-liter bottle as a weighted pot to balance this.


Watch the 2020 Blog for this year's result.


By accident, I think I discovered the E-bay seller being The Tiny Jungle. (Located in the southern San Francisco Bay Area and they do ship.)


The standard ruler at the bottom of left picture, offers a visual on how big these can get.


I admit, I got this because the blooms might be yellow with a splash of color and the description by Sunset Valley Orchids did warn it could be a huge Catasetum.


A member of The Orchid Society of ​Western Pennsylvania, exhibited on their Show and Tell Table from October 2019.
Knowing this gives an idea when this orchid bloom for the rest of us waiting for that first bloom.



My first year growing this did not result in any blooms, but there is always next time.  See the 2019 Grow Blog


The current growing season can be found at 2020 Grow Blog




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    I can't wait to see the flowers on this cross, I'm personally hoping it doesn't take after lucis! I also have this svo cross, I won an orchid naming contest and Fred sent me four of his newer crosses. Mine is only 18 inches tall, and wide and does not yet show any nubbins.


    Hopefully by now you have new growth and this be the year the first bloom amazes you. Follow my adventure by exploring the grow blog(s).

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