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Catasetum Brent's Black Hawk



( Fred Clarke 2009 - originator) (Brent Baker 2009 - registrant)


These will produce lots of dark chocolate/maroon flowers with bright green lips on long arching stems. Some flowers may be almost black and will be very striking, with their contrasting green lips. This is a very vigorous hybrid that will flower in early spring, summer and fall.



Photo Credit: Fred Clarke, Sunset Valley Orchids (SVO 5992)




A Work in Progress, so Pardon the Mess


Catasetum tenebrosum × Catasetum Donna Wise   



AOS Award History



2012  Catasetum Brent's Black Hawk 'Mark's Black Beauty' AM/AOS.

Date Award Org. Points Exhibitor
2012-05-17 AM AOS 83 Mark Margolis





2008 and 2009  Catasetum Brent's Black Hawk 'Priscilla' AM/AOS.


Date Award Org. Points Exhibitor
2009-10-15 AM AOS 81 Brent Baker
2008-04-28 HCC AOS 77 Brent Baker




Brent Baker  Catasetum Brent's black hawk 'Priscilla' AM/AOS  Taken on May 22, 2012 





Catasetum Brent's Black Hawk hermaphroditic form

June 7, 2017 -  AdamB

This is the first time I've had hermaphroditic flowers on a catasetum. Now I can say for sure that light levels play a role in the formation of male vs. female flowers. I have two other plants after this one which will have hermaphroditic or female flowers. They were all setting male buds when I overexposed them, light levels were about 8000 fc for 3 days, you can see by the sunburnt leaves in the photo. It was half intentional, half accidental. I wanted to see what they could take and pushed it a bit too far too fast. Ah well. Thank the good Lord for making this group forgiving.


I've harvested this pollen (you can see in the flower in the foreground the anther cap is gone), and I've put mormodes pollen on to test the effectiveness of the female mechanism, I don't know how fertile hermaphroditic flowers are. We'll see!



















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