Catasetum Melana Davision

Catasetum Melana Davision (0)

Catasetuim Melana Davison

Catasetum denticulatum × Catasetum Penang

(Catasetum denticulatum 'SVO' AM/AOS x Catasetum Penang 'Sweet Heart')

This grex has produced a variety of eye-catching flower colors, from solid deep burgundy to white blotched burgundy and white with fine red spotting. This is a new mini-Catasetum, with mature plants only 5” tall thanks to the influence of Catasetum denticulatum. Expect 15-20 flowers, 2-3 times per season. It's always interesting to see the effect of reciprocal breeding on the flower quality, and SVO 5995 is the reciprocal. This was SVO item 5001


Above Catasetum denticulatum 'SVO' AM/AOS


Right: Catasetum Penang 'Sweet Heart'

NEW for 2020 - Catasetum Melana Davison (Ctsm. Melana Davison 'Hoorah' x Ctsm. Melana Davison 'Bombshell')    


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