Catasetum Double Down

Catasetum Double Down (0)

Catasetum Double Down

Catasetum Chuck Taylor 'Wow' x Catasetum kieberianum 'SVO'

Catasetum Chuck Taylor is an excellent mini-Catasetum, with rich burgundy petals and sepals, and a contrasting yellow lip. It's just beautiful! Catasetum kleberianum is a great mini-Catasetum species, producing strikingly-colored flowers that combine dark barring on the petals and sepals with a bright yellow lips. As a bonus, it also carries 15 or more flowers per stem. These will be mini-Catasetums with bright yellow lips, and the petals and sepals will have dark bars, some of which will be solid burgundy! This is one of those 'not to be missed' mini-Catasetums. (SVO 7312)

Description and photo courtesy of Fred Clarke, Sunset Valley Orchids





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