z (Ctsm. John C. Burchett 'Ursa Major' FCC/AOS x Ctsm. Dagny 'Fantastica')

z (Ctsm. John C. Burchett 'Ursa Major' FCC/AOS x Ctsm. Dagny 'Fantastica') (0)

Unregistered Hybrid


( Catasetum John C. Burchett 'Ursa Major' FCC/AOS x Catasetum Dagny 'Fantastica' )


Catasetum John C. Burchett (João Stivalli x Susan Fuchs) is a spectacular hybrid! The huge, flat, nearly black lip of the cultivar 'Ursa Major' really impressed the judges, and this plant received a First Class Certificate (FCC/AOS) for Ryan Kowalczyk. 'Ursa Major' blooms 2-3 times a year, and female flowers are often produced first each season, thus this plant has been used frequently as a capsule parent. Catasetum Dagny (pileatum x Brent's Black Hawk) has several noteworthy qualities: exceptionally rich deep red flower color with a just a spot of bright yellow in the center of the lip, long arching inflorescences carrying 12 -15 flowers each, and plants that bloom 2-3 times a season.   Both parents have big-lipped Catasetums (pileatum and expansum) in their background. Look for this cross to deliver big flowers, flat lips, colors from deep red to the darkest burgundy, and 12-15 blooms per stem 2-3 times a year!!!!

(Description and photos courtesy of Fred Clarke, Sunset Valley Orchids)


Photo right: Catasetum John C. Burchett 'Ursa Major' FCC/AOS

Photo Left: Catasetum Dagny 'Fantastica'


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