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Cataseum NoID ( Ctsm. Fong Cing 'Lonely Heart' x Ctsm. Richard Fulford SVO')


The grex Fong Cing (José Abalo x Orchidglade) has been outstanding, with surprisingly large and well-shaped flowers produced 15 or more on strong upright inflorescences.  Richard Fulford (Orchidglade x lucis) is a new breeding direction, capitalizing on the attributes of the rare species Ctsm. lucis.  Ctsm. lucis is a large plant that produces 15-20 green and white flowers held high above the foliage on sturdy, three-foot upright inflorescences. The flowers produced by Richard Fulford have exceeded expectations, as evidenced by the four AM/AOS awards to date. Don’t take my word for it - take a look at ‘SVO’ with its outstanding flower color, size, and stem. This is the first cross in the next generation of lucis breeding. We want to develop large plants with straight upright inflorescences holding large brightly-colored flowers, and we believe this cross will deliver!  Enough said.


(Description and photos courtesy of Fred Clarke, Sunset Valley Orchids)


Photo right:  Catasetum Fong Cing 'Lonely Heart'

Photo Left:  Catasetum Richard Fulford SVO




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