Catasetum saccatum

Catasetum saccatum (0)

Catasetum saccatum


Common Name The Sack-Shaped Catasetum

Flower Size 4" [9 to 10 cm]


Found as a large sized, variable, caespitose, hot to cool growing epiphyte in Guyana, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Brazil in tropical montane forests on many different types of trees at altitudes of 200 to 1700 meters, with fusiform, elongate pseudobulbs with 4 to 7 elliptic-lanceolate, petiolate, acute leaves that blooms from the early winter through spring on an erect or pendant, 8" to 16" [25 to 68 cm] long, loose to many [3 to 21] flowered, bracteate, racemose inflorescence carrying fragrant flowers arising on a nearly mature pseudobulb

Like most Catasetum, needs a definite rest period after the blooming season when it will drop its leaves. The flowers are different in that they can eject their pollina up to 8 ft from the plant. This species enjoys nearly full sunlight, warmth, plenty of water and fertilizer and only needs a rest if it has become obviously dormant.

See also Catasetum incurvum which is often cited as a synonym of C saccatum but has sufficient differences to be kept a species in it's own right. Tthey differ in the size of the flowers, the lip and the densly flowered inflorescence.





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