( Clowesetum Abigail Parsons 'SVO' HCC/AOS x Catasetum spitzii 'SVO Solid Gold' FCC/AOS )


Clowesia Abigail Parsons (Clowesia Grace Dunn x Catasetum John C. Burchett) come in a range of colors. The most striking I've seen is the cultivar 'SVO,' with olive green flowers and a rose blush, all beautifully arranged on two inflorescences of 16 flowers each. Receiving an FCC/AOS indicates the high quality of a plant and its flowers. Catasetums spitzii 'SVO Solid Gold' is just such a cultivar. When it was awarded, this plant carried 23 large, solid yellow flowers perfectly arranged on a 2-foot-long inflorescence. Truly an amazing sight!  We are using spitzii in this cross for several reasons: it has a very flat, thick hard lip, that will flatten and broaden the lips of the offspring; it had a pure yellow color that will warm up the olive green and rose blush of the Abigail Parsons; and its high flower count will produce floriferous offspring.  These qualities, along with long flower life, multiple spiking habit, good form, and pleasant fragrance make this is Clowesetum a very good prospect.


Description and photos courtesy of Fred Clarke of Sunset Valley Orchids


2021 Grow Blog 





( Clowesetum Abigail ParsonsCatasetum spitzii )





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2021 Grow Blog


Follow along during the 2021 growing season for this Clowesetum as I document it's progress including pictures and discussion by following this link (a work in progress).


 2020 Grow Blog





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