Clowesetum Abigail Parsons


( Clowesia Grace Dunn x Catasetum John C. Burchett )


Clowesetum Abigail Parsons is an orchid hybrid originated by Fred Clarke in 2011. It is a cross of Clowesia Grace Dunn x Catasetum John C. Burchett.


This is a new type of Clowesetum hybrid. Cl. Grace Dunn (Cl. warscewiczii x Cl. rosea) blooms with the classic Clowesia flower shape of dainty frilly blooms cascading over the pot carried 10 -13 per inflorescence. Ctsm. John C. Burchett (Ctsm. Joao Stivalli x Ctsm. Susan Fuchs) with its huge flat lip and rich dark burgundy color is truly outstanding. This grex will have improved flower life over the Catasetum parent; expect blooms to last 5-6 weeks. Flowers will take on the color and most of the size from the Ctsm. John C. Burchett and the Clowesia will add the frilled lip. This is a very promising hybrid.  ( SVO 2081 in 2009 )


Description and photos courtesy of Fred Clarke of Sunset Valley Orchids






Clowesia Grace DunnCatasetum John C. Burchett )






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