Clowesetum NoID ( Clowesia russelliana 'David N.' x Catasetum tigrinum 'SVO' )


The success of the hybrid Black Jade inspired this cross.  Ctsm. tigrinum has a white flower with light pink spots and blooms 2-3 times a year with a cascade of 20-25 flowers per stem. The flowers of Cl. russelliana are lime green with darker green striping and wonderfully fragrant. Plants bloom exceptionally well, and it's not uncommon for plants to bloom with a single bulb producing 2 cascading inflorescences carrying 30-40 flowers! I have high expectations for this cross, which should have several predictable traits: high flower count, long cascading inflorescences, and excellent flower longevity. The less predictable traits are lip shape and flower color (I am hoping for white, but icy green would be nice).  This has significant potential to be an exceptional hybrid! I can hardly wait to see these plants bloom.


Description and photos courtesy of Fred Clarke of Sunset Valley Orchids


2021 Grow Blog





( Clowesia russelliana  x Catasetum tigrinum )





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2020 Grow Blog


Follow along during the 2020 growing season for this Clowesetum as I document it's progress including pictures and discussion by following this link (a work in progress).



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