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Clowesia New Hybrid


(Cl. Grace Dunn 'Live Oak' HCC/AOS x Cl. dodsoniana 'Nadia Tavarez' AM/AOS)


Made by our friend Mark Margolis, I believe this is a particularly insightful hybrid. There are only a few hybrids of this type that combine Clowesias with different bloom seasons. Here the winter blooming Clowesia Grace Dunn is crossed with the early summer blooming species Clowesia dodsoniana.  The flower longevity of Clowesia blooms is generally 3-5 weeks, and this is an important reason we like to use them in breeding.  Grace Dunn (warczewitzii x rosea) blooms from leafless bulbs in mid-winter and carries 15+ solid pink and green lemon-scented flowers with cute frilly lips on 3-4 pendulous inflorescences. Cl. dodsoniana has light green flowers with darker green stripes and a bit of lavender suffusion on the petals. Blooms are produced in early summer, and it is common for plants to produce two inflorescences with 30 or more highly fragrant blooms!  The $64 dollar question is: “will these bloom in summer and again in the early winter?” I sure hope the answer is, yes!  Picture this: multiple cascading inflorescences of 20 or more, fragrant, long-lived, green flowers with green stripes in the summer and again in the winter!!!




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