Clowesia thylaciochila


Common Name: The Bag-Like Lip Clowesia

Flower Size: 3 3/5" [9cm]


Here is a really special and rare offering. This seldom-seen Clowesia species has a name that is a bit complicated to pronounce: thylaciochila (thigh-lass-see-OH-kye-lah). It is native to Mexico, growing along the Pacific coastline in the states of Jalisco, Colima, Michoacán, Guerrero and Oaxaca. I spent years trying to source this species, but it was elusive. Finally, I was lucky enough to locate some plants, and they have grown into impressive specimens. Flowers are produced in late June with the developing new growths, making them the first Clowesia species of the year to flower. Flower production is incredible: hundreds of light green flowers with darker green stripes cascade over and cover all sides of the hanging baskets. And the fragrance is amazing! The whole growing area becomes infused with it. Very rare and not to be missed!  (Photo and description care of Fred Clarke of Sunset Valley Orchids)



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