Fredclarkeara (Catasetum x Clowesia x Mormodes)

Fredclarkeara is another artificial genus produced by breeding Catasetum, Clowesia and Mormodes, a three way cross. This group of orchids is again an interesting breeding combination producing multiple flowers, vigorous growth and the possibility of flowering three to four times a year. Typically, their now trigger-less flowers have a flower life that is longer than for pure Catasetums, some up to 6 weeks.
When hybridizing between three genera, the work is more difficult with lower success rate in germination. Fredclarkeara are heavy feeders during their growing period but a dry rest period of differing lengths according to species is needed after flowering, specifically, once the plants start to drop leaves. Water is gradually reduced, then withheld. If at all, water sparingly only to prevent pseudobulbs from shrinking too much. Once new growth reaches 4 inches and new roots reach 2 or more inches long, watering is begun, with normal abundant watering taking place once the potting mix again approaches dryness. Fertilize well during the active growing season as the plant does not get a chance to be fertilized during its dry rest period. Fredclarkeara like humidity of 50-70% with warm day temperatures of 75-80 F (24-27 C) dropping 10-15 F (6-8 C) at night. Repot just as new growth is beginning at the end of the dry rest.
Breedings that will produce the Genus Fredclarkeara
Catamodes x Clowesia
Catamodes x Clowesetum
Catamodes x Mormodia
Clowesetum x Catamodes
Clowesetum x Mormodes
Clowesetum x Mormodia
Mormodia x Catamodes
Mormodia x Catasetum
Mormodia x Clowesetum
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Fredclarkeara After Dark

Mormodia Painted Desert × Catasetum Donna Wise


Fredclarkeara After Dark ‘SVO Black Pearl' FCC/AOS

'SVO Black Pearl’ is the best of the ‘black flowered’ types, when mature it produces 2-3 pendent inflorescences per bulb, caring 12-18 flowers each and is one of the best growers (right photo).


Fredclarkeara After Dark ‘Sunset Valley Orchids' FCC/AOS

‘Sunset Valley Orchids’ FCC/AOS is the best of the ‘spotted flowered’ types, it produces 1-2 pendent inflorescences per bulb, caring 12-18 flowers, it is an excellent grower and the spotted flowers are  amazingly beautiful (left photo).


Fredclarkeara Beverly Danielson

(Fredclarkeara After Midnight 'SVO Dark Beauty' FCC/AOS' x Catasetum Orchidglade 'Davies Ranches' AM/AOS)


With this cross we are taking the nearly perfect darkest burgundy flowers of Fdk. After Midnight 'SVO Dark Beauty' and pairing them with the huge lip and colorful spotted flower of Ctsm. Orchidglade.  Our experience has taught us that this type of hybrid makes for improved flower form.  The flower color of the progeny will range from solid deep burgundy to densely spotted burgundy, and a few might even be light yellow with bold red spots.  These will be unique and beautiful flowers.  Photo right is the flower the cross was named after. 


Photo Credit:  Fred Clarke, Sunset Valley Orchids

(Description courtesy of Fred Clarke, Sunset Valley Orchids) 



Fredclarkeara After Hours 'Dark Thirty' 

Fredclarkeara After Dark × Catasetum John C. Burchett



Fredclarkeara Dark There After 'SVO Winters Night' FCC/AOS 

Fredclarkeara After Dark ‘SVO’ (Mormodes Painted Desert  x  Catasetum Donna Wise)


This is a spectacular spotted flower of superb shape, presentation and size. Catasetum Donna Wise ‘Susan’ (Catasetum Orchidglade  x  Catasetum tenebrosum) is the most recent award to this highly awarded grex and it is also the best. The expectation here is that the addition of Catasetum Donna Wise back on to Fredclarkeara After Dark will improve the lip size and shape while reinforcing the dark color genes. It is hard to improve on the world famous Fredclarkeara After Dark, this may do it. Can you imagine 3” black flowers that last for 6-7 weeks! Tremendous award potential. This actual orchid was sold back in 2009 by Sunset Valley Orchids.


Right Photo:  Mormodes Painted Desert

Left Photo:  Catasetum Donna Wise

Photos and description courtesy Fred Clarke, Sunset Valley Orchids  



Fredclarkeara Enter Light 'SVO Dark Beauty' FCC/AOS (2014)

Fredclarkeara After Dark × Catasetum pileatum



(Catasetum John C. Burchett 'Ursa Major' FCC/AOS  x  Fredclarkeara Dark There After 'SVO Winters Night' FCC/AOS)


This is a very special pairing, as the Catasetum held the capsule in this hybrid, an unusual occurrence in Fredclarkeara breeding.  John C. Burchett (Ctsm. João Stivalli x Ctsm. Susan Fuchs) is among the most impressive of the modern pileatum-based Catasetum hybrids, with unusually rich burgundy color and huge, flat, nearly-black lips. The breeding of Dark There After is (Fdk. After Dark x Ctsm. Donna Wise), and the cross was quite successful, with 7 AOS awards.  The large, full-shaped flowers are a rich deep burgundy color. I have not yet seen a Fdk. cross bloom with a Catasetum as the capsule parent, and I must confess that I 'm really looking forward to seeing these.  (This is as of yet an unregistered (unnamed) hybrid).


Left Photo:  Catasetum John C. Burchett 'Ursa Major' FCC/AOS

Right Photo:  Fredclarkeara Dark There After 'SVO Winters Night' FCC/AOS

Description and photos courtesy of Fred Clarke, Sunset Valley Orchids

(Fredclarkeara After Hours 'Dark Thirty'  x  Fredclarkeara Enter Light 'SVO Dark Beauty' FCC/AOS)


Here is a hybrid with highly awarded parents.  Both parents of this After Hours (Fdk. After Dark 'SVO' FCC/AOS x Ctsm. John C. Burchett 'Ursa Major' FCC/AOS) have FCC's, and 'Dark Thirty' has FCC quality flowers as well!  Enter Light 'SVO Dark Beauty' FCC/AOS is the best of the best!  Its shape, color, form, ease to bloom, fragrance and flower life are all superior.  This and SVO 7226 are the second and third times a Fredclarkeara has been crossed to another Fredclarkeara!  The opportunity for exceptional offspring is mind boggling.


Left Photo:  Fredclarkeara After Hours 'Dark Thirty'

Right Photo:  Fredclarkeara Enter Light 'SVO Dark Beauty' FCC/AOS

Description and photos courtesy Fred Clarke, Sunset Valley Orchids


(Mormodes Painted Desert 'SVO' HCC/AOS x Catasetum callosum 'Black Lip' AM/AOS)


This is a truly novel Fredclarkeara hybrid. I have been waiting several years to have this available - the potential is tantalizing!  Painted Desert has a well-documented and long history of breeding excellent offspring, adding color, shape and flower longevity. This the first cross with the 'Black Lip' cultivar of callosum.  Its color is exceptional, and inflorescences have high flower count and beautiful arrangement.  This pairing has tremendous potential!  Will the flowers be like black stars? 


Left Photo: Mormodia Painted Desert 'SVO' HCC/AOS 

Right Photo:  Catasetum callosum 'Black Lip' AM/AOS 

(Above description and photo credit:  Fred Clarke, Sunset Valley Orchids)