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( Fredclarkeara Turning Point 'San Clemente' x Catasetum expansum 'SVO Midori' AM/AOS )


Over the years we have made many Fredclarkeara (Fdk.) hybrids, and here's one that's been in the planning stages for quite some time. This cross is designed to produce deep emerald green flowers, very unusual for a Fredclarkeara! Turning Point (Mo. Lime Tiger x Ctsm. expansum) was just that, a turning point in deep green flower breeding.  How do you continue to improve?  Reintroduce the deep green color and large lip of Ctsm. expansum 'SVO Midori' AM/AOS again, to strengthen flower color and flatten the lip of the offspring. Being a Fdk., plants will bloom in late fall, and flowers will have excellent durability. If you have ever desired deep emerald green flowers, here is your opportunity.


Left Photo: Fredkclarkeara Turning Point 'San Clemente'

Right Photo: Catasetum expansum 'SVO Midori' AM/AOS


Description and photos courtesy of Fred Clarke, Sunset Valley Orchids