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( Fredclarkeara Turning Point 'Green Goddess' x Catasetum De Etta Harris 'Green Goddess' )


The hybrid Turning Point (Mo. Lime Tiger x Ctsm. expansum) was just that, a turning point in deep green flower breeding.  How do you continue to improve on the green color? How about breeding it with another deep green, De Etta Harris (Donna Wise x Crownfox Voodoo)? The cultivar 'Emerald Goddess' is a surprising deep emerald green, a color rarely seen in flowers, with a flat lip and strong upright stem. This cross will give us a range of flower colors, with many being pure deep green, some a rusty-red, and possibly a few with spots.  This is a Fdk., so the flowers will bloom in late fall and have excellent durability.


Left Photo: Fredkclarkeara Turning Point 'Green Goddess'

Right Photo: Catasetum De Etta Harris 'Green Goddess'


Description and photos courtesy of Fred Clarke, Sunset Valley Orchids