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Ctsm. Mem. Dorothy Wells (Ctsm. Dentigrianum 'SVO Excellence' x Ctsm. Chuck Taylor 'SVO Sunshine')

Ctsm. Dentigrianum (denticulatum x tigrinum) 'SVO Excellence' is an amazing example of a great flower! Check out the PICTURE. The plant is a strong bloomer as well, flowering multiple times a season. Chuck Taylor (denticulatum x Portagee Star) 'SVO Sunshine' has particularly attractive flowers with yellow lips and is also quite floriferous, with mature plants flowering two to three times a year. This grex will flower frequently on small-growing plants. The best of these will have yellow lips with spotted petals and sepals. Check out the first to bloom! ( - Fred Clarke, Sunset Valley Orchids )


Catasetum Memoria Dorothy Wells is an orchid hybrid originated by F.Clarke in 2020. It is a cross of Ctsm. Chuck Taylor x Ctsm. Dentigrianum.


I have two of these and the tags are designated with an "A" ad "B" to distinguish them from each other.


Click on the images for a full-sized image in a new tab.


Let the fun in growing begin....





1 March 2021


Off to a great start with this one.


For now this is getting plenty of bright light and protecting the spike.  It should be in bloom mid April.


This orchid is temporarily positioned in the pot until new growth determines the best position for this growing season.  It is possible new growth start soon and perhaps a second bloom this season?


The clay pellets are "Hydocrunch" and are very light. The pellets are about 8mm in size.






10 March 2021


Fingers crossed with this Catasetum.


I fear the spike has been damaged by the behavior ad position of the spike.  Looks crimped as it contacts the pot's edge (I try to avoid this) and the crimp may preent these from opening.


Hopefully the next update to this blog include blooms. 






image width=240 to the left



1 May 2021











10 March 2021


Not always easy spotting the new growth.


Not sure which is more exciting, waiting for the blooms to open or spotting new growth.  New growth increases the opportunity of admiring those blooms.


This is in "Tote A" which gets the most attention for March as 10 of the 12 plants are in new growth and the other two are worthy of getting special attention and extra light.  Daily checking on the new growth rotating pot if necessary for vertical growth.


"A" (above) is currently in bud.  Makes me wonder if this new growth is new growth or a spike?  Should know by end of the month.




I have no plans to blog about this orchid for this year.  I will share images of mature growth, spikes, buds and blooms when they happen.  I still take pictures monthly and make short-hand notes about this orchid so if you have questions, just ask.




image width=240 to the left

October 2021






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