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Mormodia Painted Desert


Mormodia Painted Desert is an orchid hybrid originated by JEM in 1996. It is a cross of Clowesia Rebecca Northen  x  Mormodes sinuata.  A compact growing catasetinae, very nice "spicey" fragrance and each bulb can produce several spikes. They have fantastic, twisted flowers that are really different, with bizarre bold colors and spicy fragrances that signal the end of the Catasetinae blooming season.   It's got sinuata's color and markings and a bit of shape and frilly lip from Rebecca.


Left Photo: Mormodia Painted Desert 'SVO' HCC/AOS

(Photo credit: Fred Clarke, Sunset Valley Orchids)




Clowesia Rebecca Northen  x   Mormodes sinuata



Clowesia warczewitzii

Clowesia Grace Dunn 1959

Clowesia rosea

Clowesia Rebecca Northen 1971

Clowesia rosea

Mormodia Painted Desert Floradise 1996

Mormodes sinuata



Species Ancestry  
Clowesia rosea  37.5%
Clowesia warczewitzii 12.5%
Mormodes sinuata  50%
Hybrid Ancestry  
Clowesia Grace Dunn  25%
Clowesia Rebecca Northen  50%




Mormodia Painted Desert 'Cardrona'


I like this picture (left) not for the orchid, but how this person is growing the orchid.  It is being grown in moss, and the pot is sitting in a water tray so that the moss can wick the water throughout the root zone.  Semi-Hydroponics does the same process of providing constant and even moisture to the roots especially when the orchid was in fulol growth stage.





Awarded Exhibits:


Mormodia Painted Desert 'Cranberry Delight'

2003-01 AM AOS 80 points
Julie Rosenberg, Miami, Florida


Mormodia Painted Desert 'Sunset Valley Orchids'

1999-12 HCC AOS 79 points
Fred W. Clarke, Vista, California


Mormodia Painted Desert 'Dixie'

1999-12 HCC AOS 76 points
Dixie McCulloch, Louisville, Kentucky


Mormodia Painted Desert 'Arbec'

1997-12 AM AOS 83 points
Claire and Roger Cole, Bowie, Maryland


Mormodia Painted Desert 'Kato'

1997-11 HCC AOS 79 points
Heidi Kirkpatrick, Goleta, California


Mormodia Painted Desert 'Memoria Ida Louis'

1996-12 AM AOS 80 points
Mark Andrew Margolis, Miami., Florida


Mormodia Painted Desert 'Sonora'

1995-01 AM AOS 80 points
Floradise Orchids, Gordonsville, Virginia





Additional Information



 Mormodia Painted Desert is by far the most important seed parent for Fredclarkearas !!



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