Mormodes Mimi

( Mormodes lawrenceana x Mormodes ignea )


Mormodes is a very interesting genus within Catasetinae.  They've gotten a reputation as hard to grow…and some are.  I have been growing them for years, and I now have selected the best growers and bloomers. Interestingly, hybrids between two species or “primary hybrids” like this one exhibit a phenomenon called ‘hybrid vigor,’ in which the offspring are more vigorous and easier to grow and flower compared to the parent species.  These will bloom with 2-4 inflorescences per bulb and fragrant, colorful flowers in orange-gold with darker burgundy spotting.  If you have good success growing Catasetums, these should do equally well. ( - Fred Clarke of Sunset alley Orchids )



Photo Left: Mormodes Mini




( Mormodes lawrenceana x Mormodes ignea )



Mormodes Mimi is an orchid hybrid originated by F. Clarke in 2016. It is a cross of Mormodes lawrenceana x Mormodes ignea. It is considered a "primary hybrid" because it is a cross between two species.






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