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Mormodes Roehampton's Flame


Exotic Treat (sinuata x tuxtlensis) has amazing color, with bright orange-yellow flowers and bold burgundy spotting. The flowers are large and well-presented on 3-4 upright inflorescences, and this hybrid is reliably the first Mormodes to bloom each season. Morm. Aftermath (Mark Mills x Midnight Hooker) was a breakthrough in flower color. Pretty amazing! This is top breeding for intense yellow/orange color with bold red spotting. Mature bulbs will produce 2-3 upright inflorescences. (Description and photos credit - Fred Clarke of Sunset Valley Orchids)


2021 Grow Blog


( Morm. Exotic Treat 'SVO' AM/AOS x Morm. Aftermath 'Killer Color' ) 
















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