The Mormodia

Image Left:  Mormodia [Mo.] Lime Tiger ‘SVO’ AM/AOS. Photo courtesy of Fred Clarke, Sunset Valley Orchids.



Mormodia is an artificial genus produced by breeding Clowesia with Mormodes. This group of orchids is again an interesting breeding combination producing multiple flowers, vigorous growth and the possibility of flowering two to three times a year. Typically, their now trigger-less flowers have a flower life that is longer than for pure Catasetums.


Mormodia are heavy feeders during their growing period but a dry rest period of differing lengths according to species is needed after flowering, specifically, once the plants start to drop leaves. Water is gradually reduced, then withheld. If at all, water sparingly only to prevent pseudobulbs from shrinking too much. Once new growth reaches 4 inches and new roots reach 2 or more inches long, watering is begun, with normal abundant watering taking place once the potting mix again approaches dryness. Fertilize well during the active growing season as the plant does not get a chance to be fertilized during its dry rest period. Mormodia like humidity of 50-70% with warm day temperatures of 75-80 F (24-27 C) dropping 10-15 F (6-8 C) at night. Repot just as new growth is beginning at the end of the dry rest.


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When Mormodes is combined with Clowesia, the easy growing Mormodia is created.  The vast majority of the Mormodias have been made with the small flowered Clowesias, so they have inherited many of their delightful characteristics. Most Mormodias are small flowered, fragrant, winter bloomers that bloom from small clumping pseudobulbs. Sound familiar? They grow and bloom very similarly to their Clowesia parents. The Mormodes is used to vary and intensify the coloration of the flowers, and thankfully does not tend to impart its oddly shaped flowers to its progeny. Repot and grow a Mormodia as you would a Clowesia, trying to keep the multiple pseudobulbs together in the pot for a more spectacular winter show.  Source:  St. Augustine Orchid Society (Catasetums and Their Kin)


Mormodias (Clowesia x Mormodes) make excellent specimen plants, flowering profusely when mature.  


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Unregistered Hybrid


( Clowesia Grace Dunn 'Live Oak' HCC/AOS x Mormodes ignea 'Orange Blaze' )


Clowesia Grace Dunn (warczewitzii x rosea) produces 15+ pink and green flowers with cute frilly lips on 3-4 pendulous inflorescences from leafless bulbs in mid-winter. Mormodes ignea 'Orange Blaze' has amazing flower color, almost a neon orange. Often Mormodes are dominant for flower color in their offspring, and I expect that to be the case here. These will begin to flower at a young age, generally in 3” pots. When mature, the bulbs will produce 3-4 pendulous inflorescences in colors ranging from orange to bonze, though some could be pink, and a few may have red spots.  Mormodias (Clowesia x Mormodes) make excellent specimen plants, flowering profusely when mature.


Description and photos courtesy of Fred Clarke of Sunset Valley Orchids



NEW for 2020 (?)

Unregistered Hybrid


( Clowesia Rebecca Northen 'Grapefruit Pink' x Mormodes hookeri 'Black Fuzz' )


The hybrid genus is a Mormodia (Mo.) which results from the crossing of Mormodes and Clowesia. Clowesia Rebecca Northen (Cl. Grace Dunn x Cl. rosea) is a famous and well recognized plant, it is easy to grow, has beautiful frilly pink flowers with a marvelous citrus fragrance, all produced on multiple pendent inflorescences. The Mormodes hookeri ‘Black Fuzz’ blooms with 2-3 upright spikes per bulb, carrying 12-15 flowers each in a beautiful dark burgundy petals and sepals with a nearly black fuzzy lips. Mormodes are dominant for color transfer to their offspring. This cross will flower late in year, producing cascading inflorescences with 12-16 flowers in shades of burgundy with darker lips. They will also have a very intoxicating fragrance during day light hours. Mature plants will be spectacular. New as of 11/28/2018 SVO Item 7304 This is as of yet an unregistered hybrid.


Description and Photos courtesy Fred Clarke, Sunset Valley Orchids


Clowesia Rebecca Northen 'Grapefruit Pink'


Mormodes hookeri 'Black Fuzz'


Mormodia Lime Tiger


Mormodia Lime Tiger is an orchid hybrid originated by Fred Clarke in 2009. It is a cross of Clowesia Grace Dunn x Mormodes elegans.


SVO 5338 (2015)

Mo. Lime Tiger (Cl. Grace Dunn 'Live Oak' HCC/AOS x Morm. elegans v. alba 'SVO' HCC/AOS)


SVO 5342 (2015)

Mo. Lime Tiger (Cl. Grace Dunn 'Chadds Ford' AM/AOS   x Morm. elegans v. alba 'SVO' HCC/AOS )




SVO 1854 (2010)  Mo. Lime Tiger (Cl. Grace Dunn ‘Live Oak’ HCC/AOS x Morm. elegans v. alba ‘SVO’ HCC/AOS)


SVO 1854 (2009)  Unregistered hybid (Clo. Grace Dunn ‘Live Oak' HCC/AOS x Morm. elegans alba ‘SVO' HCC/AOS)

Mormodia Painted Desert


Mormodia Painted Desert is an orchid hybrid originated by JEM in 1996. It is a cross of Clowesia Rebecca Northen  x  Mormodes sinuata.  A compact growing catasetinae, very nice fragrance and each bulb can produce several spikes.  They have fantastic, twisted flowers that are really different, with bizarre bold colors and spicy fragrances that signal the end of the Catasetinae blooming season.   It's got sinuata's color and markings and a bit of shape and frilly lip from Rebecca.


Left Photo: Mormodia Painted Desert 'SVO' HCC/AOS

(photo credit: Fred Clarke, Sunset Valley Orchids)