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( Clowesia Grace Dunn 'Live Oak' HCC/AOS x Mormodes ignea 'Orange Blaze' )


Clowesia Grace Dunn (warczewitzii x rosea) produces 15+ pink and green flowers with cute frilly lips on 3-4 pendulous inflorescences from leafless bulbs in mid-winter. Mormodes ignea 'Orange Blaze' has amazing flower color, almost a neon orange. Often Mormodes are dominant for flower color in their offspring, and I expect that to be the case here. These will begin to flower at a young age, generally in 3” pots. When mature, the bulbs will produce 3-4 pendulous inflorescences in colors ranging from orange to bonze, though some could be pink, and a few may have red spots.  Mormodias (Clowesia x Mormodes) make excellent specimen plants, flowering profusely when mature.


Description and photos courtesy of Fred Clarke of Sunset Valley Orchids






( Clowesia Grace Dunn 'Live Oak' HCC/AOS x Mormodes ignea 'Orange Blaze' ) 





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