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Mormodia B-C Elvira


Clowesia Rebecca Northen (Cl. Grace Dunn x Cl. rosea) is a well-recognized plant and very good for breeding. It is easy to grow and has beautiful frilly pink flowers with a marvelous citrus fragrance, held on multiple pendent inflorescences.  Morm. Nitty Gritty (Exotic Treat x rolfeana) has deeply-colored flowers with gold lips and red petals and sepals. Flowers are large, and the plants are very floriferous.  These will flower late in the year, with cascades of 12-15 flowers in shades of yellow/orange to rose, many with dark spots. Mormodias result when a Clowesia and a Mormodes are combined, and they make spectacular hybrids. Mature plants produce lots of charming flowers that cascade over the sides of the pot. ( Description credit to Fred Clarke of Sunset Valley Orchids )

Photo Credit:  Gilberto J. Arrieche Sayago

2021 Grow Blog


Mormodia B-C Elvira is an orchid hybrid originated by Butts & Lefaive in 2014. 




(Cl. Rebecca Northen  x Morm. Nitty-Gritty ) 










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