( Cl. Grace Dunn 'Live Oak' HCC/AOS x Morm. Jumbo Bacia 'SVO' AM/AOS )


Grace Dunn (warczewitzii x rosea) carries 15+ pink and green flowers with cute frilly lips on 3-4 pendulous inflorescences from leafless bulbs in mid-winter. Morm. Jumbo Bacia (badia x uncia) 'SVO' is surprisingly floriferous, holding up to 37 dark maroon red flowers on each stem. Mormodes is dominant for several characteristics, and this grex will bloom late in the season, with flowers in colors ranging from red to bronze, and a high flower count of 20-25 on each inflorescence.  These also will begin to flower at a young age, generally in 3” pots. Once mature, Mormodias (Clowesia x Mormodes) make excellent specimen plants, flowering profusely with many pendulous inflorescences.


Description and photos courtesy of Fred Clarke of Sunset Valley Orchids


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( Cl. Grace Dunn 'Live Oak' HCC/AOS x Morm. Jumbo Bacia 'SVO' AM/AOS )





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