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The best way to learn, understand and grow orchids is simply asking "How do I grow this orchid?"  This is where I admit to not being an expert in any way concerning orchids, so I apologize in advance if you are disappointed in not finding the Holy Grail of orchid growing answers.  But do not give up on your quest just yet.  I have a solution for you.


GrowBlogs are not a new idea.  You might be very surprised what special interest in growing something, combined the "blog concept", a passion for growing the best, sharing information on how to grow, and the internet is the home grown, personal use, marijuana growing community. Surprised?


The best way to describe a "growblog" is the following; A journal or diary detailing the progress of growing a particular plant, that others can follow along, and even contribute to.


Orchids have a grow cycle.  I am not sure where it ends or begins, but this would be my guess - emerge from dormancy, new growth (foilage), new growth (roots), spike, bloom and then a period of dormancy.  Then the process repeats itself.


Expeiences can be recorded every day (rediculous) or once a week (still rediculous) or once a mont(ideal) along with any significant event, like spotting new growth or spike and then observing that spike as buds form and eventually the full bloom.Add the use of pictures to the mix and in a year, you can establish a record of your orchid that be a useful tool or guide answering that age old question "How do I grow this?"


I go through this effort more for myself then I do anybody else.  I can't remember or commit all of this to memory.  It just happens to be convenient that others can follow along my adventure in growing something (stroke that ego).  As for feedback and questions from others, a community of like minded people can be developed - all learning and improving their own grow experience as a group.


I don't remember if I said this or not, but it bears repeating, I do such "growblog" more for me than anybody else.  This time next year, if I have a question about the progress or status of an item, I can refer to my electronic memory for guidance.


My goal is once a month or when a significant event occurs: new growth spotted, spike developing, buds forming and even full bloom - I will make an entry as required. In the future, I will have a guide to refer to.  I don't mind a single bit if you peek at my diary here, I have no secrets, heck a bonus would be someone contributing thier help.  An extra bonus is the inclussion of pictures.



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