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Bulbophyllum scaberulum

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moderate to bright light
allow to dry between watering
50% is optimum
warm temperature tolerant
blooms in February



Karen O. exhibited her Bulbophyllum scaberulum var. scaberulum and was awarded a CBR /AOS for her efforts.  She named her Bulb. scaberulum 'Karen's Oddity'. 




The Internet Orchid Species Photo Encyclopedia


Common Name The Slightly Roughened Bulbophyllum

Flower Size 1/8 to 1/4" [5 to 6 mm]

Found in Ghana, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Togo, Central African Republic, Cameroon, Congo, Gabon, Gulf of Guinea Islands, Zaire, Chad, Ethiopia, Sudan, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Angola, Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Cape Province and Natal South Africa as an epiphyte and occassional lithophyte in woodland and riverine forests at elevations of 100 to 2300 meters with a concave, square, or trapezoid pseudobulb, well spaced along the rhizome, carrying 2, apical, linear or elliptic, leathery or fleshy leaves that blooms in the fall on a 2 to 22" [5 to 55 cm] long, many flowered, fleshy, round and then flattened, undulate, bracteate, purple, sometimes hirsute rachis arising on a newly mature pseudobulb, with simultaneously opening flowers.

This species is a hot to cool growing epiphyte, best grown in pots with partial shade.


  • Bulbophyllum bambiliense De Wild. 1916
  • Bulbophyllum chevalieri De Wild. 1921
  • Bulbophyllum clarkei [Rolfe] Schltr. 1906
  • Bulbophyllum congolanum Schlechter 1905
  • Bulbophyllum ealaense De Wild. 1916
  • Bulbophyllum eburneum (Pfitzer) De Wild. 1921
  • Bulbophyllum fuerstenbergianum (De Wild.) De Wild, 1921
  • Bulbophyllum jesperseni De Wild. 1916
  • Bulbophyllum pobeguinii (Finet) De Wild. 1921
  • Bulbophyllum scaberulum var. album Pérez-Vera 2003
  • Bulbophyllum scaberulum var. fuerstenbergianum (De Wild.) J.J.Verm. 1986
  • Bulbophyllum summerhayesii A.D. Hawkes 1956
  • Bulbophyllum zobiaense De Wild. 1916
  • Megaclinium bambiliense De Wild. 1916
  • Megaclinium chevalieri De Wild. 1921
  • Megaclinium clarkei Rolfe 1891
  • Megaclinium congolanum (Schltr.) T. Durand ex H. Durand bis 1909
  • Megaclinium ealaense De Wild. 1916
  • Megaclinium eburneum Pfitzer 1908
  • Megaclinium jesperseni De Wild. 1916
  • Megaclinium pobeguinii Finet 1910
  • *Megaclinium scaberulum Rolfe 1888
  • Megaclinium zobiaense De Wild. 1916


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August 1, 2015 Speaker's Day

Bulbophyllum scaberulum var. scaberulum 'Karen's Oddity' 

CBR (Certificate of Botanical Recognition) Awarded to rare and unusual species with educational interest that has received no previous awards. The entire plant must be exhibited. This award is granted provisionally and filed with the judging center Chair pending taxonomic verification supplied by the exhibitor.



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