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Gombrassiltonia Hilo Ablaze 'Hilo Gold' HCC/AOS

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(Bratonia Olmec x Gomesa Mantinii)

low to medium indirect light
do not allow medium to dry out between waterings
70% is optimum, air movement is a must
interemediate to warm tolerant
blooms in fall (red / orange)


Aliceara (Alcra.) is the a synonym Genus Name

An Intergenetic cross of Bratonia Olmec and Gomesa Mantinii (Gombrassiltonia) and both parents are crosses in of themselves.

Karen O. was awarded 3rd Place at the 2015 September meeting of the NVOS with her Aliceara (syn. Gombrassiltonia) Hilo Ablaze 'Hilo Gold' HCC/AOS.



The International Orchid Register

Gombrassiltonia Hilo Ablaze

Hilo Ablaze
Synonym Flag
This is not a synonym
Synonym Genus Name
Registrant Name
Originator Name
Date of registration
Seed parent
Bratonia Olmec
Pollen parent
Gomesa Mantinii

SOURCE: The International Orchid Register 




Oncidium orchids are the best-known members of the oncidium alliance. This intergeneric hybrid is Gombrassiltonia Hilo Ablaze 'Hilo Gold'. It was formerly known under the intergeneric name Aliceara and is a cross between Gomesia, Brassia, and Miltonia. The label on this plant may have been somewhat misspelled (Hiko Ablaze 'Hlllo Gold') but it is a beautiful flower. The oncidium alliance is another group which usually doesn't have much to recommend itself as an attractive plant when not in bloom, but this particular cross is not an overtly ugly plant and those flowers are so spectacular that I'll be begging for a division of this plant, which one of my friends purchased) when it gets big enough to divide.


Think this orchid has beautiful color and markings. Gombrassiltonia Hilo Ablaze 'Hilo Gold' HCC/AOS, formerly known under the intergeneric name Aliceara, is a cross between Gomesia, Brassia, and Miltonia. This plant has been a reliable bloomer that lasts a long time in bloom with individual flower size of about 3.5 inches. Four bloom spikes this time.








Aliceara, abbreviated Alcra. in the horticultural trade,[1] is the nothogenus for intergeneric hybrids between the orchid genera Brassia, Miltonia and Oncidium (Brs. x Milt. x Onc.).


Bratonia is an artificial hybrid of orchids beween the following genera:
(Brassia × Miltonia)

Gomesa is a genus of flowering plants from the orchid family, Orchidaceae. It contains about 80-100 species, all native to South America.


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