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Miltonia Honolulu 'Warne's Best' Featured

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moderate to bright light
thoroughly once a week
prefers humidity of 50% or more
cool, warm with good air flow
summer, flower size, 6 - 7 cm








Miltonia Honolulu (Milt Gayety x Milt Anne Warne) is a cross with 75% Milt. spectabilis, 12.5% Milt. flavescens and 12.5% Milt. clowesii. Those three species are Miltonia from Brazil and in fact form two natural primary hybrids in nature, Milt festiva (spectabilis x flavescens) and Milt bluntii (spectabilis x clowesii). Milt Honolulu is a Miltonia which is truly warm growing and love high humidity.




The International Orchid Register 

Miltonia Honolulu

Synonym Flag
This is not a synonym
Registrant Name
J.Milton Warne
Originator Name
J.Milton Warne
Date of registration
Seed parent
Miltonia Gayety
Pollen parent
Miltonia Anne Warne


SOURCE: The International Orchid Register


Orchids Wiki



This hybrid is quite popular, namely 2 clones have been mass propagated: Miltonia Honolulu 'Hawaii' and 'Warne's Best'. This hybrid consists mainly of Miltonia spectabilis 'moreliana' (75%), plus Miltonia flavescens (12.5%) and clowesii (12.5%).



Grow in intermediate conditions with moderate light during Summer, and more light during Winter. The pot medium should not dry out completely, but sufficient drainage is needed to avoid root rot. At all time mist the plants frequently, if possibly in the morning to mimic the morning dew of the natural habitat. Plants should be potted in a well drain medium such as medium fir bark.



Generation 1

  1. Miltonia Anne Warne × Miltonia Gayety

Generation 2

  1. Miltonia Anne Warne = Miltonia Bluntii × Miltonia spectabilis
  2. Miltonia Gayety = Miltonia Cyrtochiloides × Miltonia spectabilis

Generation 3

  1. Miltonia Bluntii = Miltonia clowesii × Miltonia spectabilis
  2. Miltonia Cyrtochiloides = Miltonia flavescens × Miltonia spectabilis


SOURCE: Orchids Wiki





Orchid Board 

I understand this is an 'old reliable' cross of Milt Gayety x Milt Anne Warne that was made by Mr Warne and registered in 1971. 

 - bloomed in Sept  ...


SOURCE: Orchid Board - Most Complete Orchid Forum on the web ! > ORCHID ALLIANCES > Oncidium/Odontoglossum Alliance > Miltonia Honolulu 'Warne's Best' AM/AOS




Miltonia characteristics: 

The flower of the Miltonia 'Honolulu' is a large (8 cm) pink to purple flowers.

There are also orchids of this type under the name Orchid thought. They are native to South America where they live in epiphytes in tropical forests. They form small smooth pseudobulbs topped with long, narrow leaves.

The Miltonia Honolulu is a temperate climate Orchid hot. That is to say, the ideal temperature is around 16-30 °.

To bloom well these orchids require a temperature difference between 3 and 10 ° between day and night. For example 18 to 30 ° during the day and 16-25 ° overnight.

The Miltonia orchids are undergrowth, it does not necessarily require bright light. However, in our latitudes, it is good to place them in a bright place without direct sun or shaded a light fogging.

Water about once per week, depending on the ambient temperature. Just let dry the substrate surface before réarroser. Fully soak the pot a few minutes to hydrate the roots in the non-calcareous water. Let drain and replace the orchid in its cache pot or saucer.

A special orchid fertilizer is recommended every two waterings diluted in the irrigation water.

The Miltonia enjoys a good humidity. For example it is convenient to place it close to a water point (sink, shower, indoor fountain). Alternatively, you can also place it on a large saucer filled with clay pebbles and water, it creates a favorable moist microclimate.

For reasons of quality, in case of low temperatures, our nursery reserves the right to postpone delivery. This is to prevent the reception of orchids damaged by cold.

For repotting only use the special substrate orchid. Repotting should be done when the orchid is no longer in bloom. Orchids like to be a little tight, do repot if roots are many and just a slightly larger pot. 




Roslin Menazeria





Orchids Limited

Miltonia Honolulu 'Warne's Best' HCC/AOS CCM/AOS
(Gayety x Anne Warne)


Color: Purple
Bloom Season: Summer
Light: Medium
Temperature: Intermediate-Warm


A classic intermediate to warm growing Miltonia hybrid, registered in 1971. It has a sweet fragrance of black licorice (inherited from the milt. spectabalis background), and faithfully blooms once a year at the end of Summer. Large plants have been seen with up to 30+ spikes. A must have for Miltonia collectors! 


SOURCE: Orchids Limited


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