Oncidesa Gower Ramsey

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( Oncidesa Goldiana × Oncidesa Guinea Gold )


Oncidesa Gower Ramsey (Oncidesa because some of the ancestors are considered Gomesa now rather than Oncidium).
Blooms of the Gower Ramsey would be a little bigger than a half dollar on a well grown plant. ( http://nv-os.org/index.php/component/acymailing/?subid=1&ctrl=url&urlid=1223&mailid=238 )


I only have one Oncidium (Oncidesa) and it is as follows.  It also has a record care of Karen O. from NVOS.  In March 2016, won second place at the NVOS Show and Sale (Spring) and Karen acquired it at the 2014 Annual Auction.  Her index card detailing her yearly observations indicates she had some questions but also successful blooming.  I am guessing the biggest factor she donated it for auction is that it is a space hog (would not be surprised if she kept a piece).


It was bound in a 1-gallon pot so I had it re-potted and divided at a NVOS potting party in 2017.  The smaller division, I eventually divided into 7 pieces with at least 4 bulbs each in a semi-hydroponic environment. The other original division is once again in need of dividing and it is on my list.  The S/H divisions have not bloomed, but that is expected as they been accidentally on purpose "set back" getting used to a different potting medium and water conditions.  4 of the remaining 5 divisions all have multiple new growths and the final S/H division is to be evaluated end of August to "toss or save".  Two divisions were lost.  Not bad for a amateur.


The thriving divisions are watered frequently and get the most partially diffused light on a top shelf in a mini-greenhouse.


(19 Auust 2019)  I have since divided the other specimen sized plant





Oncidesa (Oncidium) Gower Ramsey


( Oncidesa Goldiana × Oncidesa Guinea Gold )


Gomesa flexuosa Oncidium sphacelatum Oncidium sphacelatum Gomesa varicosa
A full background on the 3 parent species can be found here (link coming).  Below is just some basic care for this particular Oncidesa (Oncidium).


Ancestral Species of Oncidesa (Oncidium) Gower Ramsey






Oncidium sphacelatum  (The UConn database has no information on the other ancestral species)




Basic Care:

Feed at every watering. Weakly/weekly. Lots of nitrogen when they are forming new growth. Warm and damp. The larger the pbulb the larger the flower spike. They like light just short of full sun
Short Description: Oncidium Grower Ramsey is a highly successful hybrid variety. An easy to grow oncidium, this plant is not picky about its growing medium or conditions. This variety will produce many tiny dazzling bright orangeish to bright yellow blooms on tall spikes, several times per year. A frequent Bloomer.

Water Requirements:

Average Water Needs; Water regularly; do not over-water

Sun Exposure:

Full Sun

Sun to Partial Shade

Bloom Time:

Late Fall/Early Winter

Some additional worthy links regarding the above Oncidesa Gower Ramsey




Bloom Season



The above link has become one of my favorite for (unofficial) AOS awarding of a particular orchid.  Below is an unofficial listing and scores for AOS judging.  Sometimes I get lucky popping the title and score in a search engine and discover from a judging center the box score (detailed description from the AOS judges) detailing the presented plant.  For the hobby grower, this matters very little.  However, if you are looking at your specimen-sized plant with 20 spikes and each spike with 40 blooms, how would it compare to any of the following?


Another benefit of the information below is developing an idea when peak bloom should occur.


2013  Oncidesa Gower Ramsey 'Naranja' (Awards)

https://www.orchids.org/awarded/oncidesa-gower-ramsey-naranja  (AM/AOS 83)

2012 Oncidesa Gower Ramsey 'Orange Delight' (Awards)

https://www.orchids.org/awarded/oncidesa-gower-ramsey-naranja  (AM/AOS 84)

2009 Oncidium Gower Ramsey 'Lemon Heart' (Awards) 

https://www.orchids.org/awarded/oncidium-gower-ramsey-lemon-heart  (AM/AOS 82)

2007  Oncidium Gower Ramsey 'Philippe Leblond' (Awards)

https://www.orchids.org/awarded/oncidium-gower-ramsey-philippe-leblond  (CCE/AOS 90)

2007  Oncidium Gower Ramsey 'Sunkist' (Awards)

https://www.orchids.org/awarded/oncidium-gower-ramsey-sunkist  (HCC/AOS 76)

2005 Oncidium Gower Ramsey 'Lynnie' (Awards)

https://www.orchids.org/awarded/oncidium-gower-ramsey-lynnie  (HCC/AOS 75)

1999  Oncidium Gower Ramsey 'Sunny' (Awards)

https://www.orchids.org/awarded/oncidium-gower-ramsey-sunny  (JR/SFOS)*

1994   Oncidium Gower Ramsey 'Pokulani' (Awards)

 https://www.orchids.org/awarded/oncidium-gower-ramsey-pokulani  (JC/AOS)

1991  Oncidium Gower Ramsey 'Gold Mime' (Awards)

https://www.orchids.org/awarded/oncidium-gower-ramsey-gold-mime  (JC/AOS)

*  An award from the South Florida Orchid Society




Longwood Gardens is located in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania.  They have several cultivars (named varieties) of Oncidesa Gower Ramsey  including "Honey Drop', 'Orange 09', 'Volcano Queen' and Oncidesa (orange-flowered form) Gower Ramsey.  Their official web site can be found here.  The staff of Longwood Gardens creat a bloom history of their orchids and make it available on-line.  Keep in mind, the  actual blooming plant is located in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania in an indoor "Orchid House" (You can do an on-line tour if desired).  Conditions in Pennsylvania (lighting, humidity) might be different enough to effect the timing of the bloom of this orchid, compared to where you and your orchid is located.


In the above display of bloom data top row identified as "AVG", for average of all previous years, the darker the color, the most likely the orchid be in bloom (Longwood Gardens, Kennett Square, Pennsylvania).  The lighter the color, the less likely it was in bloom.  For the years 2010 through 2012, the donated plant to their collection must have been immature, but still bloomed.  For the years 2013 through 2018 the same orchid was more established with a longer bloom-season.


If you desire more accurate information regarding a blooming calendar, you will have to do it yourself.  I have created this type of display for orchids I possess and share them on this web site - however keep in mind my orchids are all located in the vicinity of Sacramento.   




Oncsa. Gower Ramsey 'Naranja' AM/AOS


This is the orange-flowered cultivar of this very popular hybrid. Bright orange flowers on branching inflorescences, can bloom several times a year.






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