Monday, 23 November 2015 20:19

Repotting an Oncidiinae: Odontocidium Wildcat

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This is a brief pictorial overview of a repotting job I just completed. When you get any new plant, repotting is necessary, and this is never more true than with orchids. I got the Odontocidium Wildcat 'Bobcat' shown in this post a couple of weeks ago for a steal, it was on clearance as it had already finished blooming. (See a future post about why I buy almost all of my orchids after blooming and plants out of season.) It had been by itself, on its own little windowsill, since then just waiting for me to get a chance to repot it properly. I repot all of my Oncidium and Hybrids (Odontocidium, Degarmoara, Wilsonara, etc...) this exact same way, so I hope it will prove some use to the readers.

I started out by soaking my plant in the sink for a few minutes while I gathered up my supplies. Soaking the plant helps loosen the plant from its pot and makes it easier to remove the old growing media. The supplies I needed were:


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