Clowesia dodsoniana


Common Name: Dodson's Clowesia [American botanist and orchidologist current]

Flower Size: 1.2 to 1.4" [3 to 3.5 cm] long


Found in Mexico in the state of Michoacan in tropical forests at elevations of 100 to 600 meters as a medium sized, hot to warm growing epiphyte or occasional lithophyte with ovoid-sub-conical top elongate, sulcate pseudobulbs carrying imbricate, distichous, elliptic, acuminate, basal ones shorter, middle ones longer, apical ones longest, 3 veined leaves that blooms in the late spring through mid fall on 1 to 3, basal, arising on a new pseudobulb, lateral, pendent, racemose, 7.2 to 15.6" [18 to 39 cm] long, 12 to 30 flowered inflorescence with triangular bracts and lanceolate floral bracts and carrying fragrant flowers.


CAUTION!!!! This species and C thylaciochila have been confused for years. This one differs in the ovoid-sub-conical pseudobulbs, the non-compact inflorescence, the greenish white flowers, the lip that is like a shallow bag, with erect, lateral lobes and the mid-lobe widens apically, the stipe ends in 2 horn-like projections, it flowers from June through October and lastly it occurs at elevations below 600 meters.


Description:  Internet Orchid Species Photo Encyclopedia

Photo (left) of the Cl dodsoniana "Nadia Tavarez" AM/AOS, courtesy Fred Clarke, Sunset Valley Orchids






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Clowesia thylaciochila

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Clowesia thylaciochila


Common Name: The Bag-Like Lip Clowesia

Flower Size: 3 3/5" [9cm]


Here is a really special and rare offering. This seldom-seen Clowesia species has a name that is a bit complicated to pronounce: thylaciochila (thigh-lass-see-OH-kye-lah). It is native to Mexico, growing along the Pacific coastline in the states of Jalisco, Colima, Michoacán, Guerrero and Oaxaca. I spent years trying to source this species, but it was elusive. Finally, I was lucky enough to locate some plants, and they have grown into impressive specimens. Flowers are produced in late June with the developing new growths, making them the first Clowesia species of the year to flower. Flower production is incredible: hundreds of light green flowers with darker green stripes cascade over and cover all sides of the hanging baskets. And the fragrance is amazing! The whole growing area becomes infused with it. Very rare and not to be missed!  (Photo and description care of Fred Clarke of Sunset Valley Orchids)



Catasetum Mem. Dorothy Wells







Cycnoches Brown's Choice


Cyc. Brown's Choice (Cyc. Richard Brandon 'SVO II' AM/AOS x Cyc. Swan Cascade 'Best Select')


I am such a fan of these modern Cycnoches hybrids. They’re easy to grow, mature quickly and produce impressive flowers. Richard Brandon (warscewiczii x Jean E. Monnier) has been proving itself as a significant parent, with its fine flower shape, color, ease of growth and ability to bloom with 14-16 flowers per stem. Swan Cascade (cooperi x Jean E. Monnier) is incredibly floriferous, regularly producing 35-45 flowers per inflorescence, and the flower color favors the rich bronze/chocolate colors of Cyc. cooperi. I bet this cross will average 25 flowers per inflorescence, and flowers will be richly colored, many spotted with dark burgundy.  An excellent pairing for creating Bronze Swans….(Description and Photos: Fred Clarke of Sunset Valley Orchids)  (SVO 8079)


 Photo credit:  Fred Clarke of Sunset Valley Orchids 



(Catasetum De Etta Harris 'Green Goddess' x Catasetum Melana Davison 'Snow White')



I believed this is an inspired cross.  The flowers of De Etta Harris (Donna Wise x Crownfox Voodoo) 'Emerald Goddess' are a surprisingly deep emerald green, a color rarely seen. Melana Davison (denticulatum x Penang) 'Snow White' is truly amazing, with nearly pure white flowers that are perfectly arranged.  Why is this an inspired cross?  The range of flower colors will be remarkable: white to green, some pinks and rose colors, and even a few red shades.  Combine this with excellent flower shape and presentation, and you have a great cross. (Description and photos courtesy of Fred Clarke, Sunset Valley Orchids)


Photo right: Catasetum Melana Davison 'Snow White'

Photo Left: Catasetum lucis 'Dana's Bird of Paradisel'  AM/AOS




Catasetum Sweet Adaline

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