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mid August 2019 - Week9

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20 August 2019 - Week 10


The good news is that nobody volunteered for the compost pile.  In fact everybody in the group is already developing the first of what I hope is two leaves.  Tyrion is a few weeks ahead of everybody with his first new leaf.  Hopefully new roots will follow.




Details for the image above


Back row is the four candidates for acclimating to a hydroponic (o water culture) environment.

Front row is my fertilizing project.

Everybody has a new leaf, Hopefully the first of 2 for this growth cycle.  Back row, far-right, is Tyrion  that is ahead of schedule of all other orchids in these two projects.



Davos Root Tip


The top pictures are dry root

The second row of pictures is wet roots

the bottom is just a real neat picture.

Click on any of these images to see the full-sized unedited image



I have to admit, this is by accident.  I never expected to see what looks like small hairs extending from the velamen of the Phal's roots.  I used my "smart phone" at a distance of about 4 to 6 inches at 4x magnification and flash.  Davos is one of my candidates for acclimating to water culture, meaning the roots constantly be immersed under water.  Although this is a new root growth, it is new root growth at the end of an old root.  I am looking for new roots to grow from the base of the stem and these new roots will be easily acclimated to water culture.  Eventually, the above root be completely removed.  I had thought of perhaps raising the water level in Davos "cup" so that this root is kind of "floating" on the surface of the water and seeing what happen.  It be one of two things,  it drown and rot, requiring it be cut back or it grow into the water.  It could also grow in a direction to avoid the water.


I can always be reached at    if you have any questions related to this or orchids in general.

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