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August 2019

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01 August 2019


Prior to the last weekend of July (a scheduled feeding) and mini-heatwave (temperatures above 105-degrees) and attending speaker's day, all the blooms were fading fast.  I did some research on how to prune or just cut back a spike after the flowers fade and fall.  I chose to cut most the spikes off and those that remain might also be completely cut back.


I may also consider re-potting these mini-Phals. because the spikes played havoc with the leaves not laying flat above the clay pellets.  This be the best time to do this as they should be in a state of rest before beginning new leaf growth and new root growth for the next bloom.  Clay pellets make this a very simple process.  I can also inspect and clean any dead roots.


Rickon, Arya, Robb, Sansa and Bran - The Stark Family from Game of Thrones



Watering:  Without the spikes it is so much easier to work with and position them in the humidity box.  Sansa (second from the right) has a new leaf progressing nicely as does "Bran" (furthest right).


"Bran" and "Rickon" (furthest left) are scrunched because the spike prevented the leaves from laying flat.  I am sure the staging during shipping from over-seas and crowding in the nursery before reaching the store I purchased these from didn't help.


A drawback of using clay pellets, at least until the roots take hold in the pot, is that when watering, they tend to float and then as the pot drains, they settle.  This causes a little shifting of the orchid.  So I will work on centering and positioning these a little better.  During August and September, they can end up being watered twice in a day due to the heat, as fall approaches and into the winter, the watering will slow down to perhaps just twice a week if that. 


I am sticking to the feeding plan as mentioned above.


After I re-work these I will line them up again in the same order and take another group picture just for comparison.  As long as I uproot them for a cleaning I will take some before and fater pictures as well.





The group after being cleaned and re-potted on 1 August 2019




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