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Neofinetia is a genus of flowering plants from the orchid family, Orchidaceae. There are three species found in China (3 species), Korea (2 species), and Japan (1 species).  Click image for larger view.  Photo found on Flickr.







Pronounced: (fail-eh-NOP-sis) or (fail-en-OP-sis) or (fayl-eh-NOP-sis)


Phalaenopsis /ˌfælɨˈnɒpsɪs/ Blume (1825), known as moth orchids, abbreviated Phal in the horticultural trade,[2] is an orchid genus of approximately 60 species. Phalaenopsis is one of the most popular orchids in the trade, through the development of many artificial hybrids. It is native to southern China, the Indian Subcontinent, Southeast Asia (Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc.), New Guinea, the Bismarck Archipelago, and Queensland.[1][3]




Additional information about the Phalaenopsis can be found in the "Caring for and Re-blooming the Phalaenopsis" section below.


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Beginner Series - Phalaenopsis Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4

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Getting Phalaenopsis to Flower

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Summer Blooming Phalaenopsis Species

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Phalaenopsis Are Easy to Grow

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Growing the Best Phalaenopsis

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Phalaenopsis - What Can Go Wrong

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Phalaenopsis Species and Hybrids (external web site)

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On this site you will discover a small part of the great Orchid familly : the Phalaenopsis. There are about 60 species in this genus with flowers of various shapes and colors. The goal of this site is to share a passion and to gather together as much information as possible about these plants.

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The International Phalaenopsis Alliance, Inc.

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The IPA was formed in 1990 to promote the appreciation, cultivation and conservation of Phalaenopsis orchids. The IPA's mission is to:

  • Publish the Phalaenopsis Journal, a quarterly magazine featuring color photography including articles on new lines of breeding, cultural techniques and other subjects of interest to Phalaenopsis growers.

  • Stage an annual symposium at various locations around the world filled with workshops and lectures from the foremost Phalaenopsis growers and hybridizers.

  • Bring together growers worldwide to share and to promote our passion for Phalaenopsis orchids.

  • Host PHALS Digest, an online e-mail discussion forum for our members to communicate about Phalaenopsis and orchid growing.

  • Maintain a Business Directory of IPA Members.

  • Sponsor Phalaenopsis related projects such as the revision of the genus, Phalaenopsis: A Monograph by Dr. Eric A. Christenson.

  • Provide conservancy funds to assist in the support the Phalaenopsis species collection at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens.

This website is just a small part of the IPA, and in the upcoming months and years we expect to expand it to meet the ever increasing needs of our members.

To find out more about the IPA, feel free to contact any of the members of the Board, or one of the Regional Directors, through their links under IPA Officers and Directors via the contact link.

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Phalaenopsis (Wikipedia)

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Phalaenopsis I-Hsin Picture Featured

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(Leopard Prince x I-Hsin Golden Sun Bird)

moderate to bright light
allow to dry between watering
50% is optimum
warm temperature tolerant
blooms in February






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