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adventitious bud

Meristem originating from a single cell or group of cells not part of preexisting meristem.


adventitious propagation

The use of tissue culture to produce whole plants from adventitious buds. Can lead to high levels of somaclonal variation, unlike micropropagation.


aerial root

Any root produced above the growing medium, from either the stem or the base of the plant.



White form of a flower.



A tribe or group of related genera. Among orchids many of these genera can crossbreed with other genera.



Award of Merit. Awarded to orchid species or hybrids scoring 80 to 89 points inclusive on a 100-point scale.



The part of the stamen containing the pollen; the end of the column.


anther cap

In orchids, a cap of tissue that covers the clusters of pollen.



Acronym / abbreviation for American Orchid Society


axillary bud

Preexisting meristem within the axil of a leaf that is normally inactive in growth.