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An elongated psuedobulb, usually used when describing Dendrobiums.



The seedpod of an orchid, often containing thousands, even millions, of seeds.



Certificate of Botanical Recognition. An AOS award given only once to an orchid species when it is first displayed in bloom,



Certificate of Cultural Merit. An AOS award presented to the grower of a well


Central growing point

On a monopodial orchid, this is where the upright vegetative growth will begin.



Certificate of Horticultural Merit. An AOS award given to a species of outstanding interest to growers.



Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species. The multinational agreement that lists which plant and animal species are considered endangered and the rules by which their trade is governed.



Term used to describe a flower that self



All the various vegetative manifestations (divisions, meristern propagations, and so forth) of a single orchid plant grown originally from a single seed; designated by single quotes around its name.



The fused sexual organ of an orchid flower, found atop the lip.


Community pot

Many tiny seedlings planted together in a single container before they are individually repotted.


Compot Common

Term meaning "community pot."


Cool temperature

For orchids, a minimum winter nighttime temperature of 45'F, with daytime temperatures 15



Small pieces of broken earthenware or flower pots, placed in the bottom of a pot when repotting to aid in drainage.



The progeny that result from transferring pollen from one plant to the flower of another; the act itself.



The central part of the rosette of leaves in a monopodial orchid such as Pbalaenopsis, from which new growth arises upward.



In orchids, a specific plant grown from a single seed; designated by single quotes around its name.